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A long, sturdy coat (usually white) that is worn in a laboratory or other science-related environments.

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 2boys anger_vein bag black_hair bottle brown_shorts child coat collared_shirt crying father_and_son final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii final_fantasy_vii_ever_crisis furrowed_brow grey_background grey_footwear grey_hair grey_shirt grey_sweater_vest hair_between_eyes highres holding_shoe keiseki1 lab_coat long_hair low_ponytail male_focus multiple_boys open_mouth professor_houjou round_eyewear sabotender sephiroth shirt shoes short_hair shorts shoulder_bag single_shoe socks sweatdrop sweater_vest water_bottle white_coat white_shirt white_socks
 1girl absurdres angela_(project_moon) arm_up black_pantyhose black_skirt black_vest blush buttons closed_mouth coat collared_shirt hair_intakes highres kdthegreen lab_coat lobotomy_corporation long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lying necktie office_lady on_back one_side_up pantyhose pencil_skirt project_moon red_necktie shirt sidelocks skirt solo vest white_coat white_shirt
 akagi_ritsuko armpits arms_behind_head arms_up blonde_hair blue_background blue_one-piece_swimsuit blunt_ends bob_cut border breasts cleavage closed_mouth count_zero floating_clothes green_eyes lab_coat light_smile looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mole mole_under_eye neon_genesis_evangelion non-web_source one-piece_swimsuit outside_border parted_bangs pc-98_(style) pixel_art short_hair smile solo swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes third-party_source undressing upper_body white_border wind
 6+boys 6+girls amii_eckaran arne_alternata belial_(happy_saint_sheol) black_hair blue_eyes brown_hair clione_myosotis commentary english_commentary english_text enoch_apis erzsebet_alternata evelynn_violeta expressionless frown full_body gregor_cornish grette haku_eckaran happy_saint_sheol height height_chart highres lab_coat lavieen_rose lineup long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side maya_elbeth multiple_boys multiple_girls noctishy nun pink_hair priest purple_hair scarf securett_rafe short_hair smile standing white_hair
 ahoge animal_ears biting blonde_hair blush_stickers cheek_biting closed_eyes hakui_koyori hakui_koyori_(1st_costume) hololive hololive_dev_is lab_coat long_hair necktie otonose_kanade pink_hair pink_necktie sakana_(saka11205) tail virtual_youtuber white_background wolf_ears wolf_tail
 >_< 2girls ahoge androgynous annoyed aqua_bow aqua_bowtie black_hair black_skirt blonde_hair blush bow bowtie bra bra_peek breast_hold breasts button_gap buttons censored cleavage collared_shirt drinking_straw earrings embarrassed faceless faceless_female feet_out_of_frame female_focus gyaru hair_ornament hair_scrunchie hand_on_own_hip highres jewelry kuromasu lab_coat lace lace-trimmed_bra lace_trim lactation large_breasts long_hair measuring milk_carton miniskirt multiple_girls nail_polish open_mouth oppai_loli orange_eyes original pink_bra pink_nails plaid plaid_skirt popped_button school_uniform screaming scrunchie shiny_skin shirt shirt_tucked_in skindentation skirt sleeves_rolled_up speech_bubble standing topless translation_request twintails underwear wardrobe_malfunction weighing_breasts weighing_scale white_shirt

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