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The main villain of the Biohazard franchise. He debuted in the original Resident Evil game. He appears to be a S.T.A.R.S.S member along with Chris Redfield and co. but the heroes eventually discover his association with Umbrella. Although he is apparently taken out by the end of the first game, he resurfaces in Code Veronica, more dangerous than ever, and becomes a major antagonist for the next few games. Although his outfits are different depending on the game, he is always wearing sunglasses and is blonde haired. Outside of the Biohazard franchise, he also appeared in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

He is highly intelligent, being quite skilled at manipulating things to his advantage. He is also a very cold hearted man who is directly or indirectly responsible for many of the bad things that happen throughout the series. He, however, seems to get along with William Birkin though he thinks nothing of cruelly manipulating other people. He is also skilled at fighting and is effectively superhuman after his initial appearance in Resident Evil 1.

He is also a downloadable skin in Lost Planet 2.

Voice actor D.C. Douglas, who began voicing Wesker from Umbrella Chronicles onwards, is known for having quite a bit of fun with the character. On his Youtube channel, he has released some comedic videos online where he dubs over footage of Wesker from Resident Evil 5, often replacing the original dialogue with goofy non sequiturs. For a brief period of time at conventions, he has also hosted a convention panel called Albert Wesker Erotic Fanfic Show where he would read various erotic fanfics featuring Wesker using his Wesker voice. His role as Wesker has also influenced his live action work. The producers of the 2013 film Apocalypse Kiss were fans of Resident Evil and as a result, Douglas was made up to look like Wesker.

He is voiced by Sergio Jones (RE1), Richard Waugh (Code Veronica, Biohazard 0 and 4, Wesker's Report), Peter Jessup (Biohazard remake), D.C. Douglas (Biohazard 5, Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles, Revelations 2 and English voice of Marvel vs Capcom 3), and Nakata_Jouji (Japanese voice of Marvel vs Capcom 3). In the live action cutscenes of the original game, he is played by Eric (last name not given).

In the live action films he is played by Jason O'Mara (Resident Evil Extinction) and Shawn Roberts (Afterlife and Retribution).

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