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A brown haired princess who wears yellow dresses as opposed to Peach. She debuted in Super Mario Land in 1989, and disappeared from the franchise for a long time until she was brought back in Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64. She started off as a Princess Toadstool clone, but ever since she was brought back, her appearance and personality grew increasingly distinct from Peach's. She has shorter hair and a more outgoing and tomboyish personality.

She mostly appears in multiplayer Mario games like Mario Kart, Sports series, etc.

She is technically in the live action Super Mario Bros. movie, but the character in that movie is clearly based off of Princess Peach.

She is voiced by Kate_Fleming (Mario Tennis 64), Jen_Taylor (Mario Party 3), Deanna_Mustard (2003 onwards)

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 biker_clothes biker_daisy blue_eyes brown_hair commentary_request crown earrings exhaust exhaust_pipe flower flower_earrings gloves gonzarez highres holding jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer mach_bike_(mario) mario_(series) mario_kart mario_kart_wii motor_vehicle motorcycle nintendo princess_daisy smile tire wheel
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