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The female lead of Fairy Tail. She is a blonde and busty teen Celestial Spirit Mage. She controls several Stellar Spirits whom she calls forth during battle and is noted by everyone as being especially kind and compassionate to said spirits. She joins the Fairy Tail guild at the start of the series and lacks a lot of her fellow guild members' quirks. She is often exasperated at her fellow guild members' antics and is the only one to point out their absurdity. Unfortunately for her, she is frequently the victim of embarrassing and humorous situations. But despite this, she never regrets her decision to join the guild and loves it dearly. Despite her good looks, she somehow fails to seduce men whenever she tries to. Her teammate, Erza, is much more successful in spite of her fearsome reputation. However, she has earned the affections of Loke who often proclaims his love for her. While Lucy does not intentionally pursue romance, she is the victim of many jokes about her love life from her fellow guild mates, especially Happy.

She usually hangs out and works with Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Erza Scarlet, and Gray Fullbuster, the other main characters of the series. She is especially close with Natsu.

She is the daughter of the wealthy Jude Heartfilia but has an estranged relationship with him and for much of the early portions of Fairy Tail considers Fairy Tail to be her true family. Despite her wealthy background, Lucy does not use her noble status to her advantage and even pays for the rent of her apartment with the money earned from her mage work. Lucy, however, is more preoccupied with money than her friends and often worries that the money she earned won't be enough to pay for the rent, a fear exacerbated by her teammate Natsu's tendency to destroy property in battle.

She also looks exactly like her mother Layla Heartfilia.

She is voiced by Hirano_Aya who also sings some of the ending themes for the series.

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