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A short haired mysterious Chinese spy. She was introduced in Resident Evil 2 where she initially claims to Leon that she is searching for her boyfriend, John. In the first game, the player can find a file written by John where Ada's name is first mentioned, but Ada does not physically appear. Leon later discovers her true nature, but still has strong feelings for her in spite of her deception. She is skilled at combat and is quite intelligent, consistently completing her mission and fulfilling her own agenda. She also extensively uses a grappling hook to enable quick getaways.

She is a wild card character of ambiguous morality and her true allegiance is unclear. Her past prior to becoming a spy is also a complete mystery and even the name she goes by may not even be her actual name. She is calm and aloof in personality and often makes sarcastic asides. Although she often works for unsavory people, she has a soft spot for Leon S. Kennedy whom she fell in love while they were fighting to survive Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2 and she behaves more tenderly towards him. She has a habit of saving his life, even going as far as disobeying orders to do so, but perhaps to avoid endangering him, she rarely spends a lot of time with him. She doesn't seem to care much about her employers and views her relationship with them as strictly professional though her motive for working with such people remains unclear. She generally has a better idea of what's going on in the plot than the main heroes do and she often leaves cryptic but correct hints about whatever conflict Leon has to deal with. Despite the complicated nature of their relationship, they both have romantic feelings for each other.

She also has a red and black color scheme.

In the early Resident Evil games, Ada is notably the only major character to not appear in a pre-rendered cutscene. This is because the developers were not able to finish her movie character model in time.

The official art for her in Resident Evil 4 is an homage to the French crime film La Femme Nikita.

She appears in Resident Evil:
Umbrella Chronicles
Darkside Chronicles
Operation Raccoon City
Damnation (CG movie)

She is voiced by Sally Cahill (RE2, RE4, Darkside Chronicles), Megan Hollingshead (Umbrella Chronicles), Courtenay Taylor (Operation Raccoon City, Damnation, 6), and Jolene Andersen (RE2 remake). In Japanese, she is voiced by Minagawa_Junko (RE6)

She is played by Chinese actress Li Bingbing in the live action film Resident Evil Retribution. However, her voice ended up being dubbed. In English, her voice was dubbed by Ada's original voice actor, Cahill. In Japanese, she was dubbed by Okamoto_Maya.

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