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A blonde and busty turtleneck wearing girl. She appears in Resident_Evil_4 and its remake and is the U.S. President's daughter. Leon is tasked with rescuing her.

She was designed by Kawamura Yasuhisa and was present to some degree in the each prototype of Resident Evil 4, a game which took an especially long time for the developers to figure out its direction and tone.

She is one of the few playable Resident Evil characters to have absolutely no combat skills so she depends on Leon to help her in most dangerous situations. Ashley develops a romantic interest in her rescuer though he apparently doesn't reciprocate.

For the remake, the developers sought to expand Ashley's role in the story and in gameplay and decided to rework the game so that Ashley would closely follow behind Leon throughout the game though she can be ordered to stay close or move back. Her appearance was also slightly altered by giving her a jacket over her original outfit.

She is voiced by Carolyn_Lawrence (original). In the remake she is voiced and motion captured by Genevieve Buechner, who's mostly known for live action work. Her physical appearance is modeled after two women, her face was based off of model/Youtuber Ella Freya, while her body was based off of model Sophie S. She is voiced by Kitou_Akari in the JPN dub of the remake.

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