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The orange-haired teen hero of Bleach. Besides his ability to see ghosts, he lived a relatively normal life in Karakura town before he became a shinigami. He is impulsive and hot-tempered and his standard facial expression makes him look like he's perpetually angry though he wasn't always like this. As a child, he smiled a lot and was very close to his mother but after her death, which he blamed himself for, he completely changed as a person. Almost everyone who doesn't know him well thinks he is a delinquent due to his unnatural hair color and appearance, but his teachers cut him some slack due to his good grades.

Those who do know him well, know that he is a good person who cares deeply about his friends and family and is willing to help out anyone in trouble. He is also rather chaste; he doesn't seem to realize that Orihime Inoue has feelings for him and gets flustered any time a woman bares a lot of skin or acts seductive towards him.

Arisawa Tatsuki is his childhood friend, and one of the few people who knew him before his mother died. He is close friends with Yasutora 'Chad' Sado. He also develops a strong bond with Kuchiki Rukia and an odd friendship/rivalry with Ishida Uryuu.

He is voiced by Morita Masakazu and Matsuoka Yuki (as a child)

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 2boys animal_ears bankai battle black_sclera bleach blue_eyes blue_hair cat_boy cat_ears close-up colored_sclera commentary eye_contact facial_mark grimmjow_jaegerjaquez holding holding_sword holding_weapon kurosaki_ichigo looking_at_another mask multiple_boys nose open_mouth orange_hair profile resurreccion sharp_teeth short_hair simple_background spiked_hair sword teeth tensa_zangetsu_(bankai) utkl0qdrt814570 v-shaped_eyebrows weapon white_background yellow_eyes

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