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A hair style that creates twin forward-facing scoops.


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 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bare_shoulders black_background black_leotard black_sweater blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts cat_ears cat_tail closed_mouth colored_inner_hair detached_sleeves foot_up from_side full_body grey_background hair_flowing_over hair_intakes highres knees_up leotard leotard_sweater long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair no_shoes orange_hair orange_thighhighs original reclining ribbed_thighhighs sideboob sleeves_past_wrists smile solo sweater tail thighhighs turtleneck turtleneck_sweater two-tone_hair very_long_hair yeono0
 2girls animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bandaid bandaid_hair_ornament black_collar black_jacket blue_eyes blurry blurry_background blush cartoon_bone chain chain_leash closed_mouth collar commentary crossed_bangs depth_of_field deyui dog_ears dog_girl drooling english_commentary female_pov fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim fuwawa_abyssgard fuwawa_abyssgard_(1st_costume) hair_between_eyes hair_intakes hair_ornament hairband hand_on_another's_cheek hand_on_another's_face highres hololive hololive_english horn_hairband jacket leash looking_at_viewer mococo_abyssgard mococo_abyssgard_(1st_costume) multicolored_hair multiple_girls pink_hair pink_hairband pov pov_hands shirt short_hair siblings simple_background sisters solo_focus streaked_hair twins two_side_up upper_body virtual_youtuber white_background white_shirt x_hair_ornament
 1girl :3 absurdres am314 animal_ears bandaid bandaid_on_leg bandaid_on_stomach black_eyes blue_hair blue_tail breasts cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail closed_mouth collarbone commentary_request cowboy_shot detached_sleeves extra_ears fish_skeleton_hair_ornament grey_pants grey_sports_bra grey_thighhighs hair_intakes highres long_sleeves looking_at_viewer muted_color navel original pale_skin panties pants ribs short_hair small_breasts solo sports_bra tail thighhighs translation_request underwear
 1girl absurdres alohayuja ankle_socks black_footwear black_hairband blonde_hair blue_hair bow_(music) closed_eyes closed_mouth colored_inner_hair cosmic_skin crossed_legs dress floating_hair frilled_dress frills full_body gloves hair_intakes hair_ornament hairband hands_up high_heels highres holding holding_bow_(music) holding_instrument holding_violin instrument juliet_sleeves long_hair long_sleeves multicolored_hair music playing_instrument puffy_sleeves reverse:1999 short_dress smile socks solo standing star_(symbol) star_hair_ornament very_long_hair violin voyager_(reverse:1999) watson_cross white_dress white_gloves white_socks
 1girl animal_ears bare_shoulders black_gloves black_pantyhose bow breasts bridal_garter character_request commentary commission copyright_request covered_navel cowboy_shot elbow_gloves fake_animal_ears fishnet_gloves fishnet_pantyhose fishnets gloves hair_bow hair_intakes helloimtea highres large_breasts orange_hair pantyhose parted_lips purple_eyes rabbit_ears red_bow solo standing thighs
 1girl 1other :d absurdres black_hair black_jacket blazer blue_bow blue_bowtie bow bowtie breasts cellphone commentary_request facial_mark graffiti hair_intakes hair_ornament hairclip highres holding holding_phone honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) jacket looking_at_viewer open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth phone pink_eyes royboy shirt sidelocks small_breasts smartphone smile solo_focus sparkle_(honkai:_star_rail) speech_bubble twintails upper_body white_shirt

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