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Tag type: General

Clothes that are torn or otherwise visibly damaged.

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 1girl absurdres alice_margatroid ascot blonde_hair blue_dress blue_eyes capelet doll doll_joints dress frilled_ascot frilled_dress frills hairband highres holding joints medium_hair navel penglai_tea puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_hairband severed_limb short_sleeves solo thighhighs torn_clothes torn_thighhighs touhou white_capelet
 1girl absurdres black_sleeves blush breasts chain chained chained_wrists cleavage_cutout clothing_cutout cross fang hat heart heterochromia highres hololive houshou_marine houshou_marine_(nun) hxxg large_breasts light_blush long_hair looking_at_viewer lying multicolored_hair on_back open_mouth red_eyes red_hair skin_fang solo streaked_hair teeth thighhighs thighs torn_clothes upper_teeth_only virtual_youtuber white_hair white_thighhighs yellow_eyes
breasts brown_hair cum cum_in_mouth final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii large_breasts mind_break monster rape redlight shirt tentacle_sex tentacles tentacles_under_clothes tifa_lockhart torn_clothes torn_legwear torn_shirt
 1girl ass ass_focus ass_grab bent_over black_panties breasts eduuux fingerless_gloves fingernails gloves grabbing_own_ass huge_ass katarina_(league_of_legends) large_breasts league_of_legends long_fingernails long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back panties red_hair red_lips red_nails scar scar_across_eye scar_on_face simple_background sitting sweat thong torn_clothes underwear
 1boy black_feathers black_pants blood blood_on_clothes buttons diamond_hairband dragonfly_wings dress_shirt evil_grin evil_smile fate/grand_order fate_(series) feathers fingernails frilled_shirt_collar frills glowing grey_hair grin highres injury kujiraoka long_sleeves male_focus oberon_(fate) oberon_(third_ascension)_(fate) pants red_eyes sharp_fingernails sharp_teeth shirt short_hair smile solo teeth torn_clothes torn_pants torn_sleeves white_shirt
 1boy armor armored_animal armored_boots balance_scale bare_tree black_cape black_gloves black_horse blue_eyes boots cape commentary covered_mouth cuirass cuisses eye_trail faulds fog from_side full_armor full_body full_moon gauntlets gloves glowing glowing_eye greaves helm helmet holding holding_scale horse horseback_riding light_trail looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side male_focus moon night poleyn qurare_magic_library reins riding saeuchobab solo torn_cape torn_clothes tree weighing_scale

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