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Tag type: Character

A character form the Pokémon franchise. Known as "Jessie" in the English version.

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 1girl 34capri black_footwear boots creatures_(company) cropped_shirt earrings full_body game_freak gen_7_pokemon grey_eyes head_on_hand highres jessie_(pokemon) jewelry long_hair midriff mimikyu nintendo on_shoulder pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) pokemon_on_shoulder pokemon_sm_(anime) red_hair shirt skirt sphere_earrings squatting team_rocket team_rocket_uniform thigh_boots white_background white_shirt white_skirt
1girl 3boys blue_eyes blue_hair brown_eyes closed_eyes creatures_(company) game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon green_eyes grin james_(pokemon) jessie_(pokemon) meowth multiple_boys nintendo open_mouth pink_hair pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) smile smirk team_rocket wancology wobbuffet
 1girl alternate_costume arms_at_sides beanie black_eyes black_footwear black_gloves black_hair black_shirt blush boots clenched_hand cosplay creatures_(company) crop_top cropped_jacket dawn_(pokemon) elbow_gloves embarrassed eyelashes game_freak gloves hainchu hair_ornament hairclip hat highres jacket jessie_(pokemon) jessie_(pokemon)_(cosplay) leaning_forward leg_up logo long_hair midriff miniskirt navel nintendo poke_ball_print pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_dppt_(anime) print_headwear puffy_sleeves shirt shy sidelocks single_letter skirt solo standing standing_on_one_leg team_rocket team_rocket_uniform thigh_boots white_beanie white_hat white_jacket white_shirt white_skirt
1boy 1girl absurdres angry black_gloves blue_hair character_doll clefairy crane_game creatures_(company) game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_7_pokemon gloves happy harlequinwaffles highres james_(pokemon) jessie_(pokemon) jigglypuff meowth mimikyu nintendo open_mouth pikachu pink_hair pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_sm_(anime) stuffed_animal stuffed_toy team_rocket team_rocket_uniform
 1boy 1girl :o black_gloves black_shirt blue_eyes breasts clenched_hands commentary_request creatures_(company) cropped_jacket earrings eyelashes game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gloves green_background jacket james_(pokemon) jessie_(pokemon) jewelry logo long_hair meowth midriff mochi-iri_kinchaku navel nintendo open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) shirt skirt team_rocket team_rocket_uniform translation_request white_jacket white_skirt wobbuffet
 1boy 1girl animated animated_gif blue_eyes blue_hair closed_eyes creatures_(company) game_freak green_eyes james_(pokemon) jessie_(pokemon) kiana_mai kiss looking_at_another looping_animation lowres nintendo pink_hair pokemon pokemon_(anime) sunset team_rocket team_rocket_uniform trembling

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