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Tag type: General

An unstructured sexual free-for-all with (usually more than four) individuals without indication/concern of predefined relationships/pairings.
(If relationships are maintained--for example: two couples having sex with their respective partners in two separate hotel beds--consider using the group_sex tag.)

Other sexual groupings that are distinct from the 'orgy' tag (because they contain more structure) include:

* Gangbang - Multiple people focused on sexing an individual. Usually the crowd takes turns having vaginal or anal sex with the individual rather than simultaneously (in which such a case would fall into Double or Triple Penetration rather than Gangbang.)
* Bukkake - Multiple people focused on ejaculating onto an individual. Ejaculation usually caused by masturbation, sometimes aided by oral. The individual is usually not vaginally or anally penetrated in the meantime. (Not to be confused with a facial which is one-on-one.)
* Threesome or Foursome - Generally a more egalitarian spread of sex, almost always involves at least one bisexual/homosexual in the group as same-sex action is expected.
* Double_penetration or Triple_penetration - Not quite as egalitarian as threesomes our foursomes. Heterosexuality is more readily maintained as same-sex couplings are generally not expected.

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