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An image containing exactly three girls.

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 2girls 3girls animal animal_ears bell braid building capelet child commentary_request day dress facing_away floating_hair grey_capelet grey_eyes highres hill holding holding_bell long_hair looking_to_the_side multiple_girls open_mouth original outdoors partial_commentary rabbit_ears sheep shirokujira single_braid standing very_long_hair white_dress white_hair wind
 3girls ^_^ ahoge animal_ears arm_up arrow_(symbol) ascot black_hair black_pants black_shorts bow bowtie brown_hair capelet clenched_hand closed_eyes closed_mouth coat collared_shirt corset crossed_bangs eighth_note hair_ornament hairclip hand_fan hat hi_(ibisf5umauma) highres holding holding_fan holding_microphone horse_ears horse_girl horse_tail katsuragi_ace_(umamusume) long_hair long_sleeves microphone mini_hat mini_top_hat motion_lines mr._c.b._(umamusume) multiple_girls multiple_views musical_note notes_of_grandeur_(umamusume) open_mouth outstretched_arm pants pink_background ponytail red_coat shirt short_hair shorts sideways_mouth simple_background smile sparkle symboli_rudolf_(umamusume) tail top_hat translation_request twitter_username umamusume white_ascot white_shirt
1boy 3girls akihara_haruto arm_up black_hair black_pants black_shirt blue_skirt blush brown_hair chair closed_mouth cool_na_megamisama_to_issho_ni_sundara_amayakashisugite_ponkotsu_ni_shiteshimatta_ken_ni_tsuite eating embarrassed food glasses hand_up jacket looking_at_another looking_at_viewer mikoto_rei multiple_girls omelet omurice open_clothes pants red_pants red_sweater sakurai_yukino_(cool_na_megamisama_to_issho_ni_sundara) sasaki_kaho serious shirt short_hair sitting skirt smile sweater table very_short_hair white_hair white_shirt window yellow_jacket
 2girls 3girls aged_up black_hair blonde_hair blush breasts carrying child child_carry couple family haruharucyon highres if_they_mated ips_cells jewelry long_hair mother_and_child mother_and_daughter multiple_girls nobara_himezaki open_mouth ouji-sama_nante_iranai red_eyes ring smile wedding_ring wife_and_wife yukino_suzushiro yuri
 3girls absurdres animal_ears blonde_hair book bug butterfly commentary hands_up highres holding holding_book insect long_hair long_sleeves multiple_girls no_mouth open_book original paper purple_eyes rabbit_ears reading shirokujira sitting very_long_hair white_butterfly
 3girls absurdres animal_ears animal_feet apron back_bow black_dress black_ribbon bow brown_eyes bun_cover commentary_request dress floppy_ears forest frilled_apron frills grey_hair hair_bun hair_ribbon highres light_rays long_dress long_hair long_sleeves looking_back low-tied_long_hair multiple_girls nature original outdoors partial_commentary puffy_sleeves rabbit_ears ribbon running shirokujira single_hair_bun skirt_hold sunbeam sunlight white_apron

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