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Quite simply, when one is lying on one's "stomach" (metaphorically: the actual stomach is an internal organ)

It refers to someone lying on "their front" instead of on back

Basically lying on the chest or abdomen or anterior pelvis in one form or another.

This is also called a "prone" position, as seen in the prone bone moniker.

If there's any doubt if the character is lying on their stomach, then a simple benchmark is: If one hip is significantly higher than the other, then the character is on their side and should be tagged with the on_side tag instead.

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 1girl animal_ears artist_name black_hair black_sailor_collar black_skirt brown_eyes cat_day cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail closed_mouth commentary dated expressionless fingernails light_blush long_hair looking_at_viewer lying on_stomach original pleated_skirt sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt short_sleeves signature simple_background sketch skirt solo sugano_manami tail white_background white_shirt
 1girl artist_name ass barefoot bed_sheet blush braid braided_ponytail breasts chainsaw_man closed_mouth commentary completely_nude english_commentary eyelashes faenatical feet foot_out_of_frame foot_up glowing glowing_eyes heart highres indoors large_breasts lens_flare looking_at_viewer lying makima_(chainsaw_man) nude on_bed on_stomach orange_eyes red_hair sidelocks solo toenails toes window
 1girl absurdres ahoge ass ass_focus bare_shoulders blonde_hair blush breasts come_hither detached_sleeves elegg_(nikke) freakylucky goddess_of_victory:_nikke hair_over_eyes highres huge_ass large_breasts looking_at_viewer lying naughty_face on_stomach open_mouth purple_eyes short_hair short_shorts shorts sideboob smile solo thick_thighs thigh_strap thighs
 2boys animal_ears armlet ass black_hair bracelet cat_boy cat_ears cat_tail fingernails from_side grey_background grey_pants hand_on_another's_thigh highres hisoka_morow hunter_x_hunter illumi_zoldyck jewelry kemonomimi_mode long_fingernails long_hair long_sleeves looking_ahead lying lying_on_person male_focus multiple_boys on_back on_stomach out_of_frame pants profile purple_vest sharp_fingernails shirt solo_focus tail tail_raised thuy_nguu056 tight_clothes tight_pants veins vest white_shirt yaoi
 1boy ? ?? antennae black_hair blue_cape blue_eyes blue_footwear blue_gloves blue_sclera blue_shorts cape closed_mouth colored_sclera colored_skin commentary english_commentary gloves highres hood hood_up lying male_focus multiple_views on_stomach open_mouth origins_smp pitchfork shorts simple_background sitting sleepy_cheeky smile sneegsnag spade_(shape) standing sweat thumbs_up white_background white_skin
 1girl bed_sheet blue_eyes blush breasts collarbone condom condom_box condom_wrapper dynamitenatalia fate/grand_order fate_(series) grey_hair highres large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer lying nipples nude on_bed on_stomach solo zenobia_(fate)

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