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Tag type: General

When characters, who normally do not wear corrective eye-wear, wear corrective eye-wear. Sunglasses do not count and are tagged as separate.

The opposite of no_glasses.

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 1boy absurdres alkaid_mcgrath belt belt_buckle belt_pouch bespectacled black-framed_eyewear black_belt black_gloves black_jacket black_pants black_shirt blonde_hair breast_pocket buckle chinese_commentary closed_mouth collared_shirt cowboy_shot earpiece glasses gloves green_eyes grey_background gun hair_between_eyes handgun highres holster jacket jacket_partially_removed jiuchuansi long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lovebrush_chronicles male_focus medium_hair necktie pants pocket police pouch red_gloves serious shirt shoulder_holster sideways_glance simple_background solo standing tie_clip two-tone_gloves undressing walkie-talkie weapon
 1girl bespectacled cabbie_hat collared_shirt commentary_request flanvia glasses greyscale hair_bobbles hair_ornament hat highres kawashiro_nitori lips looking_at_viewer monochrome parted_lips petals portrait shirt short_hair short_twintails simple_background solo touhou twintails
 1girl 28ki_00 bespectacled black-framed_eyewear black_shirt blush brown_hair glasses grey_skirt higuchi_madoka holding holding_paper idolmaster idolmaster_shiny_colors looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_eye paper plaid plaid_skirt pleated_skirt school_uniform shirt skirt solo
 1girl 28ki_00 alternate_costume bare_legs bespectacled black_cardigan black_footwear black_socks book brown_hair cardigan full_body glasses grey_skirt hair_over_one_eye highres higuchi_madoka holding holding_book idolmaster idolmaster_shiny_colors legs_folded looking_at_viewer loose_necktie mole mole_under_eye necktie plaid plaid_skirt pleated_skirt red_eyes red_necktie round_eyewear school_uniform shirt short_hair simple_background skirt socks solo two-tone_background white_shirt
 1girl azumi_(myameco) bespectacled black_skirt black_thighhighs blonde_hair closed_mouth commentary_request ereshkigal_(fate) fate/grand_order fate_(series) full_body glasses hair_ribbon long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer red-framed_eyewear red_ribbon ribbon school_uniform shirt skirt smile solo standing thighhighs thighs white_shirt zettai_ryouiki
 1girl absurdres alternate_costume animal_ears autumn_leaves bespectacled black_shirt blue_hair blue_jacket blurry blurry_background brown_pants coffee_cup commentary_request cup disposable_cup ear_covers ear_ornament glasses hair_ornament highres holding holding_cup horse_ears horse_girl jacket k.s.miracle_(umamusume) kumabachi315 light_blue_hair long_sleeves medium_hair on_bench open_clothes open_jacket outdoors pants purple_eyes semi-rimless_eyewear shirt short_ponytail sitting solo tree umamusume upper_body wooden_bench

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