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Tag type: None

Refers to any animated image that is in a GIF format.
Images with this tag should also have the animated tag.

Use animated_png for APNG/PNG images.

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 animal_ears animated animated_gif bikini body_pillow cat_ears cat_tail hannibal_lecter my_little_pony naruto_(series) pillow poster_(object) prison prison_cell real_life solo swimsuit tail
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 1boy 1girl :q animated animated_gif artist_name bitchko_(jk_bitch) blush breasts brown_hair censored clothes_lift cowgirl_position dress_shirt female_pubic_hair girl_on_top hair_ornament hairpin hetero huge_breasts jk_bitch_ni_shiboraretai large_breasts licking_lips long_hair loose_socks nipples no_panties no_shoes open_clothes open_shirt penis pubic_hair puffy_nipples purple_eyes pussy school_uniform scrunchie sex shirt signature skirt skirt_lift socks solo_focus spread_legs squatting straddling sweat tongue tongue_out vaginal
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