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Tag type: None

Short for "absurd resolution," very high resolution images.

An image with this tag should be at least 3200 pixels wide or 2400 pixels tall.

See Also

lowres (less than 500x500)
highres (at least 1600x1200)
incredibly_absurdres (any dimension over 10000)
huge_filesize (at least 10 MB)

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 1girl absurdres armpits arms_behind_head black_background black_bow black_bowtie black_choker black_jacket blush bow bowtie breasts choker closed_mouth collared_shirt crop_top fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim grey_shirt groin highres jacket jkt48 jkt48v large_breasts midriff navel purple_eyes purple_hair raised_eyebrow shirt short_hair sleeveless smile solo steam sweat tana_nona upper_body virtual_youtuber whitewaffle
 1girl absurdres animal_ears barefoot blush dog_ears dog_tail foothold_trap grey_hair guming_diban highres looking_at_viewer mitsugashira_enoko multicolored_hair multiple_tails no_shoes pantyhose red_eyes soles solo tail touhou two-tone_hair unfinished_dream_of_all_living_ghost
 1girl absurdres blue_hair bow-shaped_hair breasts bshi_edayo candle choker colored_tips commentary_request detached_collar detached_sleeves floating_hair frilled_sleeves frills full_body genshin_impact gloves gradient_hair half_gloves hand_up highres lace-trimmed_choker lace_trim long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair parted_lips pink_hair purple_eyes sangonomiya_kokomi shorts sitting small_breasts solo thighhighs vision_(genshin_impact) water weapon white_gloves white_shorts white_thighhighs wide_sleeves
 1girl absurdres azur_lane braid breasts brown_horns cleavage clothes_lift dark-skinned_female dark_skin f35a fishnet_gloves fishnet_thighhighs fishnets gloves grabbing_own_breast hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hairclip highres horn_ornament horns japanese_clothes large_breasts large_horns lifted_by_self long_bangs low_twin_braids mole mole_under_mouth off_shoulder one_eye_covered owari_(azur_lane) pleated_skirt skirt skirt_lift smile strapless_kimono thighhighs twin_braids
 1girl absurdres ahoge animal_ear_fluff animal_ears beret black_headwear blush breasts cat_ears cat_girl cleavage closed_eyes closed_mouth collared_shirt hair_over_one_eye hand_on_own_chest hands_on_another's_cheeks hands_on_another's_face hat heart_on_chest highres hololive large_breasts medium_hair muutsu_(maxwell0916) neck_ribbon nekomata_okayu nekomata_okayu_(6th_costume) official_alternate_costume purple_hair purple_ribbon ribbon shirt smile virtual_youtuber white_background white_shirt
 1girl absurdres asuna_(blue_archive) azur_lane black_gloves blue_archive braid cardigan convenient_censoring cosplay crossed_legs earrings fishnet_thighhighs fishnets full_body gloves hair_censor hair_over_one_eye halo high_heels highres horn_ornament horns japanese_clothes jewelry kaba_(hama) kimono large_horns light_brown_hair long_hair low_twin_braids naked_kimono one_eye_covered open_clothes open_kimono owari_(azur_lane) owari_(azur_lane)_(cosplay) ribbed_cardigan smile standing thighhighs trait_connection twin_braids white_background

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