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Refers to images that reference this specific Mario game. It is directed by Miyamoto_Shigeru with music composed by Kondo Koji.

Mario arrives at Peach's castle, hoping to eat the delicious cake she baked for him and spend some time with her, when he discovers that Bowser has gotten there first. He has taken over the castle and sealed Peach within it. In order to save her and the castle, Mario must collect Power Stars from special worlds that can be accessed through paintings scattered throughout the castle. These stars will help unlock the various regions of the castle.

It is one of the earliest, most successful, and most influential 3d platformer games. It was released in 1996 as a launch title for the Nintendo 64, and sold 11 million copies by May 2003. It was Nintendo 64's best selling game. It is also the second most downloaded game on the Wii Virtual Console behind Super Mario Bros. 1. It introduced a camera that can be controlled by the player and established a hub world that links the levels together. This game introduced Peach's Castle which has made appearances in other games and established the wall jump as one of Mario's abilities.

The gameplay and level design are quite different from past Mario platformers. The levels for the most part are designed to be larger and more nonlinear with an emphasis on exploration and comparatively more puzzle solving. The objective is not to get to the end of the level but to fulfill the mission objectives in order to gain a Power Star that can be used to unlock more levels. Mario is also more acrobatic than he was before and many of his movements in this game would be the basis of his move set in the Super Smash Bros. series. His ability to wall kick in particular became a signature ability and the levels in subsequent 3d Mario games would be designed with this ability in mind.

This game also introduced Metal Mario which was originally a power up for Mario, but is treated as a separate character in subsequent appearances, starting with Super Smash Bros.

In contrast to past Mario games, the game was conspicuously missing Luigi and spawned the famous rumor L is real 2041 though he is playable character along with Yoshi and Wario in the DS remake. Mario's voice was also established in this game and Charles Martinet would reprise the role for every Mario game with voice acting afterwards.

This game is also unique for its title screen giving the player the opportunity to play around with Mario's face.

The game is available on the Wii Virtual Console.

Original Release:
Mario/ Metal_Mario
Yoshi non playable

DS Release:

Super_Mario_Galaxy_2 one level from SM64 is included in this game.

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