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A simple, circular chain worn loosely around the neck as jewelry.

Different from pendant, which has a jewel fastened to a chain as a centerpiece, or choker, which fits snugly around the neck.

Types of necklace

* Locket

Objects often affixed to a necklace


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 1girl abs alternate_costume alternate_hairstyle animal_ears black_hair black_jacket black_pants blue_eyes chain chain_necklace closed_mouth commentary cowboy_shot crop_top dragon ear_ornament gold_chain hands_in_pockets highres horse_ears horse_girl horse_tail jacket jagaimobeniko jewelry katsuragi_ace_(umamusume) long_hair looking_at_viewer midriff navel necklace open_clothes open_jacket pants purple_background simple_background solo symbol-only_commentary tail umamusume
 1girl bead_necklace beads black_dress blush cross-laced_clothes dress frilled_sleeves frills gradient_hair highres hijiri_byakuren jewelry juliet_sleeves layered_dress long_hair long_sleeves moonii_desu multicolored_hair necklace open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair puffy_sleeves purple_hair simple_background smile solo touhou turtleneck_dress upper_body white_background white_dress
 1boy bishounen blonde_hair code:_kite cup falling_petals highres holding holding_cup holding_smoking_pipe jacket jewelry long_hair long_sleeves male_focus multiple_rings necklace open_clothes open_jacket parted_bangs petals ring royannnn smoking_pipe solo upper_body yellow_eyes zhou_yu_(code:_kite)
 1girl :d bare_shoulders bikini cowboy_shot danganronpa_(series) danganronpa_v3:_killing_harmony dark-skinned_female dark_skin frilled_bikini_top green_eyes grey_background grey_bikini grey_hair highres jacket jewelry long_hair miniskirt navel necklace open_mouth shell shell_necklace simple_background skirt smile solo sparkle swimsuit teeth todoroki_gk2 translation_request upper_teeth_only yellow_jacket yonaga_angie
 1girl ahoge animal_ear_fluff animal_ear_piercing animal_ears black_choker blush breasts choker cleavage closed_mouth commentary cowboy_shot double-parted_bangs from_below grey_eyes grey_hair hair_between_eyes highres hololive jewelry large_breasts licking_lips lion_ears long_hair looking_at_viewer mimiquilike necklace no_bra official_alternate_costume see-through_silhouette shirt shishiro_botan shishiro_botan_(4th_costume) short_sleeves single-shoulder_shirt single_bare_shoulder smirk solo tongue tongue_out virtual_youtuber white_shirt
 1girl absurdres aqua_eyes bare_legs bare_shoulders barefoot black_hair blue_eyes breasts brown_hair chinese_clothes cleavage clothing_cutout dress full_body gloves highres honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer lpleader medium_breasts necklace parted_lips ruan_mei_(honkai:_star_rail) short_sleeves shoulder_cutout sitting solo toes

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