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The signature item box from the Super Mario games.

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 2boys ?_block alternate_costume blue-framed_eyewear blue_shirt brothers brown_hair closed_eyes cloud cumulonimbus_cloud day eyewear_on_head facial_hair green-framed_eyewear green_shorts highres innertube jewelry luigi mario mario_&_luigi_rpg mario_(series) masanori_sato_(style) multiple_boys mustache necklace nintendo open_clothes open_mouth open_shirt outdoors palm_tree polka_dot polka_dot_shorts red_shorts shirt short_hair shorts siblings sitting solo_focus standing star-shaped_eyewear star_(symbol) star_necklace starlow sunglasses surfboard swim_ring topless_male tree water ya_mari_6363
 1girl ?_block arms_behind_back artist_request belt blue_sky breasts brick_block buckle cloud cloudy_sky coin garter_straps gold_coin green_hair huge_breasts looking_down mario_(series) mask nintendo shy_gal shy_guy sitting sky thighhighs thighs
 ?_block agumon belt brick_block chamblemon claws digimon digimon_(creature) green_eyes guilmon hammer horns mario mario_(series) mushmon nintendo princess_peach red_eyes sharp_teeth shy_guy sinobali spikes teeth v-mon zudomon zudomon_(cosplay)
:d ?_block alternate_costume arm_up belt blue_overalls braid brown_belt brown_eyes cabbie_hat carrying carrying_under_arm commentary cosplay cowboy_shot cropped_legs denim doodle_inset film_grain gloves hat idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls kakuremino_(mnt55) long_hair mario mario_(cosplay) mario_(series) miyoshi_sana multiple_belts nintendo open_mouth overalls pointing red_hat red_shirt shirt short_sleeves single_strap smile super_mushroom super_star_(mario) t-shirt three_quarter_view tool_belt twin_braids white_background white_gloves yoshi_egg
 1girl ?_block belt blush breasts garter_straps grass green_eyes large_breasts mario_(series) mask moxydraws nintendo one_eye_covered shy_gal shy_guy sitting super_star sweater thighhighs
 1girl ?_block backless_outfit black_eyeliner blue_eyes blue_overalls boots breasts brown_footwear brown_hair brown_lips cleavage commentary dirt dirty dirty_face earrings english_commentary english_text eyeliner farmer farming flower_earrings gardening gloves grey_gloves hat hat_tip highres holding hot jewelry kae'est kneeling large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer makeup mario_(series) mushroom naked_overalls nintendo no_bra no_panties overalls princess_daisy sideboob solo speech_bubble sun_hat sweat trowel

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