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Tag type: General

Hair grown from the face.

See also

* beard
* goatee
* mustache
* stubble
* Tag_Group:Hair_Styles

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 1boy 1girl animated animated_gif armor belt blonde_hair blood bloody_weapon blue_gloves boots brown_belt brown_footwear chinese_commentary commentary_request dated facial_hair fingernails geralt_of_rivia gloves hand_on_hilt holding holding_sword holding_weapon impaled jane_mere making-of medium_hair monster_girl pauldrons scar scar_on_face sharp_fingernails shoulder_armor signature slit_pupils stab sword the_witcher_(series) the_witcher_3 thigh_boots weapon weapon_on_back white_hair wings yellow_eyes
 1boy 6+girls :d bird black_bow black_bowtie black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_jay bow bowtie brown_eyes brown_hair bunny_nun_(diva) chicken closed_eyes clumsy_nun_(diva) commentary cricket_bat cross crow diva_(hyxpk) duck duck_hat duckling english_commentary everyone facial_hair father_(diva) food freckles freckles_nun_(diva) frog frog_hat frog_headband froggy_nun_(diva) glasses glasses_nun_(diva) goose grey_hair habit hair_ornament hat hedgehog highres hungry_nun_(diva) ice_cream leaf_nun_(diva) little_nuns_(diva) mother_superior_(diva) mouse_(animal) multiple_girls nausea nervous_sweating nun open_mouth ostrich owl pancake_nun_(diva) rabbit_hair_ornament red_star round_eyewear sculpture shaded_face sheep_nun_(diva) smile smug_nun_(diva) soft_serve spicy_nun_(diva) star_(symbol) star_nun_(diva) star_ornament strict_nun_(diva) sunglasses sweat toilet_paper traditional_nun turn_pale v
 1boy abs absurdres bara blonde_hair blue_eyes facial_hair highres large_pectorals lewis_smith llld_(2ldk1241) male_focus male_swimwear navel nipples official_alternate_costume pectorals sideburns_stubble simple_background solo stubble swim_briefs thighs topless_male yuuki_bakuhatsu_bang_bravern
 1boy aiming arrow_(projectile) beard bow_(weapon) brown_hair claude_von_riegan dark-skinned_male dark_skin facial_hair fire_emblem fire_emblem:_three_houses gold_cape green_eyes highres holding holding_arrow holding_bow_(weapon) holding_weapon nintendo short_hair side_cape weapon wrainbow13
1boy absurdres aiming black_eyes black_hair bolt-action_rifle empty_eyes facial_hair facial_scar golden_kamuy gun hair_slicked_back highres long_sleeves loose_hair_strand male_focus military_uniform ogata_hyakunosuke rifle scar scar_on_cheek scar_on_face serious short_hair simple_background solo undercut uniform upper_body weapon yoneyama_mai
 1boy bara beard blue_theme chest_hair_peek chest_tuft cowboy_shot dislyte facial_hair fuge_oni666 hairy highres holding large_pectorals long_beard male_focus mature_male monochrome muscular muscular_male navel_hair_peek old old_man pants pectorals photo_(medium) pritzker_(mimir)_(dislyte) round_eyewear solo thick_arm_hair thick_chest_hair thick_navel_hair traditional_media

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