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An evening gown or an occasion on which evening dress is worn.

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 2boys beach black_jacket black_pants blue_sky formal grass green_shirt jacket looking_at_another male_focus multiple_boys nicholas_d._wolfwood ocean on_grass pants raine_(acke2445) shirt sky smile suit sunglasses trigun
 6+boys 6+girls aircraft alien alien_mefilas alien_zarab animated asami_hiroko asian audible_music audible_speech beta_capsule boat building bulldozer business_suit character_name city computer crowd day dirt dress drill dust energy energy_beam english_text explosion fire flying forest formal funaberi_yumi gabora giant giant_monster glasses glowing glowing_eyes gun handgun harbor helicopter helmet high_heels horns japanese_(nationality) japanese_text kaijin kaijuu kaminaga_shinji lab_coat laptop lipiah_(ultra_series) mephilas_seijin military monster movie_trailer multiple_boys multiple_girls nature necktie neronga night particle_beam pistol power_lines running scientist shin_ultraman ship skyscraper smoke sound spacium_beam suit superhero tail taki_akihisa tamura_kimio tent trailer_(media) transformation transmission_tower tree tsuburaya_productions ultra_beam ultra_series ultraman video water watercraft weapon
6+boys 6+girls alien asami_hiroko asian badge building business_suit character_name city computer crowd dress english_text formal funaberi_yumi giant giant_monster glasses glowing glowing_eyes japan japanese_(nationality) japanese_text kaijin kaijuu kaminaga_shinji lab_coat laptop lipiah_(ultra_series) military monster movie_poster multiple_boys multiple_girls necktie official_art poster_(medium) promotional_art real_world_location scientist shin_ultraman skyscraper suit superhero taki_akihisa tamura_kimio tokyo_(city) tokyo_tower tsuburaya_productions ultra_series ultraman
blue_archive crossover formal halo haruka_(blue_archive) juice_box kaiji necktie peroro_(blue_archive) suit tonegawa_yukio
 1boy 2girls absurdres bed blindfold blue_hair board_game bound bound_wrists bra breasts brown_hair byleth_(female)_(fire_emblem) byleth_(fire_emblem) chair chandelier chess chess_piece choker claude_von_riegan cleavage commentary dark-skinned_male dark_skin dress earrings edelgard_von_hresvelg english_commentary fire_emblem fire_emblem:_three_houses formal green_eyes highres indoors jewelry long_sleeves medium_breasts medium_hair multiple_girls necktie nintendo pantyhose purple_eyes sethkiel sitting smile suit teeth underwear watch white_hair
 ! !! 1girl absurdres blue_background breasts commentary_request earrings fate/grand_order fate_(series) fingerless_gloves formal full_body gloves grey_hair highres jewelry long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts miyamoto_musashi_(fate) open_mouth ponytail simple_background smile solo standing suit tongue translation_request u_5ham0 v

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