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The iconic damsel in distress of the Mario franchise. Although she plays a similar role as Pauline of Donkey Kong, Peach has eclipsed Pauline in recognition due to the success of Super Mario Bros and having her design developed more in subsequent games. In North America, she was referred to as Princess Toadstool until Super Mario 64 and she has been called Peach in all territories ever since.

She is a blonde woman clad in a pink dress. She is the kind and well-respected ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, but is frequently kidnapped by Bowser, a fact that is poked fun at in the Mario RPGs. She made her debut in Super Mario Bros. and effectively replaced Pauline as Mario's love interest. She was depicted in-game with red hair and a white dress in Super Mario Bros. She gained the pink dress in Super Mario Bros. 3 and gained blonde hair in Super Mario World. Although she is often kidnapped, she is capable of fighting in some games and performs quite competently.

In the American version of Super Mario Bros. 2, she had the ability to float, an ability that was carried over into her subsequent appearances, and which also gave her an advantage over other characters due to the series' focus on platforming. She also fights alongside Mario in Super Mario RPG, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario 3d World, and she has received a spin off in which she rescues Mario instead in Super Princess Peach.

She is played by Leslie Swan (Super Mario 64), Jen Taylor (Mario games made 1999-2007 starting with Mario Golf), Samantha Kelly (present voice actress), and Anya Taylor-Joy (Illumination Super Mario Bros movie) She is typically voiced in English like the other Mario characters, but she has been voiced in Japanese by Yamase_Mami (1986 anime film), Endo_Miyako (OVA Trilogy), Mukai_Mariko (Satellaview) and Kozuki_Asako (JPN version of Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 1 and 2)

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