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Tag type: General

Images depicting at least one futanari and one female engaged in sexual interactions.

This tag and yuri are mutually exclusive. The only exceptions are if the post also contains yuri interactions, e.g. post #1066537

If you can't see the genitals of one or more of the females involved, use the rule of "fully female until proven otherwise," and consider the tag implied_futanari instead.

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 2girls absurdres ahoge armband black_armband black_gloves black_skirt blue_archive blue_eyes blush breasts bulge bulletproof_vest closed_eyes erection erection_under_clothes fingerless_gloves futa_with_female futanari gloves green_hair hair_between_eyes halo heterochromia highres hoshino_(blue_archive) hoshino_(young)_(blue_archive) hug hug_from_behind large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves minishell multiple_girls open_mouth pink_hair pink_halo pleated_skirt short_hair simple_background skirt smile translation_request very_long_hair yellow_background yellow_eyes yellow_halo yume_(blue_archive)
 2girls absurdres ahoge bandaid bandaid_on_arm bandaid_on_leg blue_archive blush breast_sucking breasts completely_nude cum cum_in_pussy cum_overflow futa_with_female futanari grabbing_another's_breast green_hair groping hair_between_eyes halo highres hoshino_(blue_archive) hoshino_(young)_(blue_archive) indoors kneeling lactation large_breasts long_hair minishell multiple_girls nipples nude open_mouth pink_hair pink_halo sex short_hair sitting smile translation_request uncensored vaginal very_long_hair yellow_eyes yellow_halo yume_(blue_archive)
 1futa 2023 2girls absurdly_large_cock asami_sato avatar_legends bad_tag big_penis black_hair blue_eyes calypso_(gir6118) cheating cheating_(relationship) cheating_whore chocolate_and_vanilla corruption cuck cucked_lesbian cuckquean cuckqueaning dark-skinned_female dark_skin english_text erection estellacomics female female_focus futa_with_female futanari heart heart-shaped_pupils interracial kiss_mark_on_penis korra large_penis lipstick lipstick_mark lipstick_mark_on_penis makeup mind_break multiple_girls netorare nonbender penis red_eyes slut speech_bubble standing symbol-shaped_pupils talking the_avatar the_legend_of_korra unfaithful veins veiny_penis water_tribe whore
 1futa 1girl absurdres arm_grab black_hair black_thighhighs blush borrowed_character breasts commission cum cum_in_pussy doggystyle ejaculating_while_penetrated ejaculation futa_with_female futanari garter_belt hair_ornament heart heart_hair_ornament highres huge_breasts lace lace-trimmed_legwear lace_trim large_areolae lingerie moaning nipple_stimulation nipple_tweak nipples one_eye_closed original panties pink_eyes pink_hair pussy_juice sex sex_from_behind skeb_commission thighhighs twintails underwear vaginal white_panties white_thighhighs wink
 1girl 2futa alice-yagami_(artist) alice_yagami alternate_breast_size anal bad_tag bed bedroom black_hair black_leggings blue_eyes blue_hair blush bow breast_hold breasts cowgirl_position creatures_(company) cum cum_dripping_from_pussy cum_dripping_out_of_pussy cum_in_ass cum_in_pussy cum_on_penis cum_overflow double_penetration ears elesa_(pokemon) eyebrows female_focus from_side full-package_futanari futa_with_female futanari game_freak grey_background group_sex gym_leader hair_ornament hands_on_ass hands_on_waist happy happy_sex headgear headphones headset holding iono_(pokemon) kneeling lactation large_breasts leggings long_hair looking_at_another looking_back looking_up lying medium_breasts milk multicolored_hair multiple_futa nintendo nipples nude on_back open_mouth pale_skin penis pillow pink_hair pokemon pokemon_bw2 pokemon_sv projectile_lactation red_hair sex sex_from_behind short_hair sideboob sketch skyla_(pokemon) smile straddling tan testicles threesome vaginal
 1futa 1girl 69 anus ass assault_lily barefoot bed_sheet blush braid butterfly_hair_ornament censored closed_eyes commentary_request completely_nude cum cum_string cunnilingus feet_out_of_frame from_side full-package_futanari funada_kiito funada_ui futa_with_female futanari girl_on_top grey_background grey_hair hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hair_ribbon half-closed_eyes hand_on_another's_ass hand_on_another's_thigh hand_up hands_up heart heart_censor incest leg_up looking_at_another lying natsumiya_kuina nude on_back open_mouth oral profile purple_eyes purple_hair pussy pussy_juice pussy_juice_trail raised_eyebrows red_ribbon request_inset ribbon saliva saliva_trail siblings side_braid sisters speech_bubble spoken_heart sweat tearing_up tongue tongue_out translation_request trembling white_ribbon

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