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An androgynous looking tomboyish girl from The Idolmaster. She has short hair. Her hair style is slightly longer in Idolmaster 2, a design choice that is kept in the Idolmaster TV series where she has this hairstyle throughout the entire run. Her boyishness makes her immensely popular amongst women in-universe where she is regarded as being equally attractive and cool as any male idol. Unlike the other idols, she has far more female fans in-universe than male. She decided to become an idol in order to show that she can be feminine too but shaking off her boyish image proves to be an uphill battle for her.

She is very athletic and excels at heavily physical activities like martial arts and sports. However, she is uncomfortable with being perceived as being like a boy and would rather people see her feminine. Her boyishness is the result of her unique upbringing; her father had intentionally raised her as if she were a male because of his desire for a son.

In the Puchimasu series, she is very affectionate towards her Petit Idol counterpart Makochii and often feeds her a lot of food leading to Makochii becoming one of the chubbier Petit Idols. Makoto herself has a lean physique.

She is close friends with Yukiho.

She is voiced by Hirata_Hiromi and Kitamura_Eri (Idolmaster Xenoglossia).

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