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Gelbooru does not have an artist library, however the wiki may serve as a resource for artist homepages. Please use the source and tag list (usually the red tag) as a way to determine what artist an upload is from.

Making an artist entry is a bit of a tricky endeavor, and so this howto should explain how to go about it.

How to find an artist's name

On the artist's home page or blog, information usually come in "about", "profile", "info", "link", "プロファイル", "インフォ", "アバウト", or "管理人" page. Artist's name is usually after: "PN", "HN", "管理人", "名前", etc. Circle or site name is after: "サイト名", "HP".

Artist could give their name in kanji (with kana reading of that name) or plain kana characters . You can romanize the kana reading of their name yourself using the tables in Wikipedia: hiragana , katakana .

If the name is in kanji without reading reference, try using

If tangorin search return multiple readings of a single name, compare them with the artist's site link, site name, email, twitter account, pixiv nickname and then choose.

If you're still not sure, ask in the forum.

If you're uploading from Pixiv website, see howto:pixiv for more details.

How to make a good artist tag

Do not use unicode characters in the artist name, even if they look like normal letters: Ryu is not the same as Ryu.

Full name is preferable and is usually unique.

Avoid adding the qualifier "_(artist)" after the artist name, use their site name/circle name as the qualifier instead, e.g. chihiro_(kemonomichi) where KEMONOMICHI is the circle of artist Chihiro. This is to make the artist tag truly unique.

How to make an artist entry

Preferably do this after the art by this artist had been posted and tagged with the artist's name. Click on the "?" right before the artist's tag (the red one) and begin to edit/adding information in.
Other Names

Names in kanji
Names in kana
Site name
Circle name
Twitter name
Pixiv username (find in pixiv URL)
Pixiv nickname (find under pixiv avatar)

If the artist tag shows up as a blue general tag then see to change its category.


Generally the circle name. You can add only ONE (if multiple names are added and separated by comma, the system still can only recognize everything as one name). Preferably use the original state of circle/site name (in Japanese, or with caplock, etc.)


All links that are useful in finding arts and information about the artist.

Most important: Direct image URLs from any sites the artist uses to host their work. (For example: or .
Home Page
Circle Home Page
Pixiv account
Twitter account
Others (DeviantArt account, Stickam account, Drawr account, DoujinDB entry,...)

Do not remove dead URLs. See for the many reasons why you should leave them alone.

Other Wiki Information

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