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A character who would normally have an up hairdo now has it down. Also used on hair growth that is used for a character whose original design sported short hair.

Hiiragi_Kagami known more for her twin tails, is seen here post #746957 relaxing with her hair down.

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 1boy 1other androgynous armlet black_hair black_hakama black_pants black_shirt blue_kimono bracelet command_spell ebi_fly_55 fate/samurai_remnant fate_(series) hair_down hair_intakes hakama hand_on_another's_head hand_on_another's_hip highres hug japanese_clothes jewelry kimono long_hair miyamoto_iori_(fate) necklace orange_eyes pants shirt short_sleeves sidelocks simple_background topknot yamato_takeru_(fate)
 1other ahoge androgynous bird black_hair body_markings detached_sleeves fate/grand_order fate/samurai_remnant fate_(series) hair_down hair_intakes highres japanese_clothes jewelry long_hair necklace obi orange_eyes sash sidelocks solo white_bird yamato_takeru_(fate) yamato_takeru_(third_ascension)_(fate) yanfenguo_gao
 6+girls ass asymmetrical_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blush breasts brown_hair chloe_(pokemon) creatures_(company) dawn_(pokemon) game_freak green_hair hair_down iris_(pokemon) lana_(pokemon) legs lillie_(pokemon) long_hair mallow_(pokemon) may_(pokemon) medium_breasts misty_(pokemon) multiple_girls navel nintendo nude onsen orange_hair pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(classic_anime) pokemon_bw_(anime) pokemon_dppt_(anime) pokemon_journeys pokemon_rse_(anime) pokemon_sm_(anime) pokemon_xy_(anime) ponytail purple_eyes serena_(pokemon) side_ponytail small_breasts thighs tsumitani_daisuke
 1girl alternate_hairstyle arm_strap blunt_bangs choker commentary cosplay cropped_shoulders english_text fern_(sousou_no_frieren) fern_(sousou_no_frieren)_(cosplay) frieren frieren_(cosplay) green_hair hair_between_eyes hair_down hair_ornament hair_over_shoulder hairclip highres hirasawa_yui hirasawa_yui_(cosplay) k-on! long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_views o-ring o-ring_choker parted_bangs purple_eyes short_hair simple_background sousou_no_frieren symbol-only_commentary the_freakin_yui twintails ubel_(sousou_no_frieren) white_background
1girl absurdres barefoot bed blue_eyes boshi_(super_mario_rpg) breasts buttons canopy_bed character_doll collar cookie cup eating food hair_down hair_ornament hairclip half-closed_eyes highres holding holding_cookie holding_food indian_style light_blush long_hair long_sleeves mario_(series) mario_power_tennis mario_tennis mug nico-neko nintendo on_bed pajamas pointy_ears purple_curtains purple_pajamas sitting small_breasts solo spiked_collar spikes stitches stuffed_animal stuffed_toy sunglasses super_mario_rpg swept_bangs tablet_pc text_messaging wario warupeach window x_hair_ornament
 2girls asaka_karin black_shirt blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts brown_hair cleavage closed_eyes commentary_request cropped_torso emma_verde freckles furrowed_brow grey_jacket hair_down hand_on_another's_shoulder highres jacket large_breasts long_sleeves love_live! love_live!_nijigasaki_high_school_idol_club medium_hair multiple_girls open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth osora_dao shirt speech_bubble sweat translation_request upper_body

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