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A graphic with captions (usually metrics) describing the subject in detail.

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 1girl absurdres bandaged_foot bandaged_hand bandages black_background blue_eyes breasts brown_hair character_sheet charm_(object) closed_eyes english_text facepaint feet floral_print fox gameplay_mechanics gemma_caerula gourd height_difference highres jong-ej katana large_breasts looking_at_viewer makeup mascara mask mole mole_on_breast mouth_mask multiple_moles multiple_views orange_scarf orange_skirt original ponytail red_rope rope samurai samurai_(final_fantasy) scabbard scar scar_on_leg scarf sheath silhouette skirt stats sword tachi-e tattoo toenails toes torn_clothes torn_skirt weapon weight white_scarf
 1girl :d absurdres animal_ears bare_legs blush bridal_gauntlets brown_background character_profile cowboy_shot dancer fang full_body highres looking_at_viewer mizunoe_kotaru multiple_views navel open_mouth original pelvic_curtain sandals smile stats three_sizes
1girl absurdres artist_name aura bad_tag biker_clothes black_hair boots breasts character_profile character_sheet cleavage commentary commission commission_art commissioner_upload data_sheet english_commentary fleesveon highres jacket large_breasts logo long_hair mecha_musume medium_breasts pale_skin pella_(the_expanse) ponytail shorts space_bike stats the_expanse thick_thighs thighhighs thighs vehicle zoom_layer
 1girl absurdres ahoge aquila_girl bikini blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts chewing_gum cleavage cosmic_break hands_in_pockets highres jacket long_hair looking_at_viewer mecha_musume medium_breasts mixed-language_text open_clothes pilot_suit single_thighhigh stats swimsuit thighhighs uhen
 2boys 2girls absurdres animal_ears blush breastarmor breasts card card_game claw_pose cleavage dialogue_box dragon dragon_ears dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_wings dress_shirt fangs gao genderswap genderswap_(mtf) glasses highres horns kaneko_naoya medium_breasts medium_hair meme monochrome monster_girl multiple_boys multiple_girls original playing_games power_level shirt short_hair slit_pupils small_breasts stats table trading_card transformation translation_request white_shirt wings you_just_activated_my_trap_card_(meme)
 1girl absurdres arrow_(symbol) black_horns breasts brown_hair brown_pantyhose character_profile chinese_commentary chinese_text clenched_hands clothes_writing commentary_request concept_art cyborg dated diagram energy_gun english_text full_body grey_background highres holding holding_weapon horns huge_weapon liren44 long_hair looking_at_viewer mechanical_arms mechanical_ears mechanical_hands mechanical_horns mechanical_legs mechanical_wings medium_breasts metal multiple_views open_mouth orange_eyes orange_horns original pantyhose ponytail science_fiction serious sharp_teeth smile stats teeth translation_request two-handed upper_teeth_only very_long_hair weapon wings

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