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Posts with this tag incorporate a logo into the picture or parody the appearance of it. The logo may be of a company (real or fictitious) or of a copyright.

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 >_< 4girls ahoge alternate_costume animal_ears azur_lane balloon bare_shoulders bird black_gloves black_headwear black_leotard black_thighhighs blue_dress blunt_bangs boat breasts cake cake_slice champagne_flute chick cleavage crossed_bangs crossed_legs cup dress drinking_glass elbow_gloves fake_animal_ears food gloves highres horns houston_(azur_lane) houston_ii_(azur_lane) jade_(azur_lane) leotard logo looking_at_viewer manjuu_(azur_lane) medium_breasts medium_hair mole mole_under_eye multicolored_hair multiple_girls night night_sky official_art okku open_mouth otto_von_alvensleben_(azur_lane) outdoors playboy_bunny pleated_skirt rabbit_ears red_eyes red_hair red_skirt short_hair sitting skirt sky skyline smile streaked_hair thighhighs twintails u-556_(azur_lane) u-556_(meta)_(azur_lane) water watercraft white_hair
 1boy abs artist_logo artist_name bara biceps brown_hair dumbbell english_text exercise feet_out_of_frame fish large_pectorals logo looking_to_the_side male_focus manly mature_male mondoart muscular muscular_male nipples original pants pectorals red_eyes scar simple_background solo sweat sweatdrop teeth text_focus thick_arms thick_eyebrows topless_male upper_body weightlifting
 abomasnow candle christmas christmas_tree copyright_name creatures_(company) delibird game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gen_4_pokemon gift igloo logo nintendo no_humans official_art ornament pikachu poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_sleep promotional_art scenery sleeping snorlax snover snow snow_shelter snowman star_ornament tree
 6+boys 6+girls 732 completely_nude covering_breasts covering_crotch covering_nipples covering_privates demonophobia embarrassed logo loli multiple_boys multiple_girls nude nude_cover original penis pixel_art pussy shota simple_background
 1boy 2girls absurdres anya_(spy_x_family) bag beret black_gloves black_hair black_pants black_skirt blonde_hair brown_coat brown_footwear brown_gloves clothing_request coat cone_hair_bun copyright_name dress earrings full_body gloves green_eyes hair_bun hairpods hat highres jacket jewelry logo long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_hair multiple_girls official_alternate_costume official_art open_clothes open_coat open_mouth orange_bag orange_scarf pants pantyhose pink_hair pointing promotional_art red_eyes scarf shirt shoes short_hair shoulder_bag sidelocks simple_background skirt smile spy_x_family spy_x_family_code:_white standing twilight_(spy_x_family) watermark white_background white_headwear white_jacket white_shirt yellow_pantyhose yor_briar
 1boy 2girls absurdres anya_(spy_x_family) beret black_bow black_bowtie black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes bond_(spy_x_family) boots bow bowtie collared_shirt copyright_name dog dress english_text full_body great_pyrenees green_eyes hairband hat high_heels highres jacket logo long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls necktie official_alternate_costume official_art open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth outside_border pants pink_hair promotional_art red_eyes shirt shoes sidelocks spy_x_family spy_x_family_code:_white standing striped striped_background teeth top_hat trilby twilight_(spy_x_family) upper_teeth_only vest white_dog white_dress white_footwear white_hairband white_headwear white_jacket white_necktie white_pants white_shirt white_vest yor_briar

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