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Posts that feature naturalistic proportions, shading, and human anatomy.

Use photorealistic for posts so realistic they could be mistaken for photographs.

For instance, post #605700 is photorealistic; post #1056679 is realistic.

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 1girl absurdres armor black_hair breastplate cowboy_shot dragon earrings faux_traditional_media from_side highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon hoop_earrings jewelry ligang_zheng long_hair looking_at_viewer monster open_mouth orange_eyes original painterly pauldrons realistic sharp_teeth sheath shoulder_armor standing sword teeth unsheathing weapon western_dragon
 animal animal_focus commentary english_commentary gentlecat highres holding holding_knife knife licking licking_blade licking_weapon no_humans original photo-referenced realistic solo squirrel tongue tongue_out weapon
 above_clouds animal_focus black_scales cloud day dragon fins from_behind full_body grey_sky head_fins ligang_zheng monster mountainous_horizon no_humans on_rock open_mouth original outdoors rainbow realistic scales scenery sharp_teeth sky solo tail teeth western_dragon wings wyvern yellow_eyes
 animal animal_focus battle cat commentary day gentlecat highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon katana no_humans original outdoors photo-referenced realistic sword symbol-only_commentary water weapon
 animal animal_focus cat commentary english_commentary full_body gentlecat highres lying no_humans on_side original photo-referenced rainbow realistic solo space star_(sky) yellow_eyes
 animal animal_focus battle commentary day dog english_commentary full_body gentlecat grass highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon jumping katana looking_at_another midair mouse_(animal) no_humans open_mouth original outdoors photo-referenced realistic sword weapon

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