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Tag type: General

When a character is in the process of slapping their hand or some other tool against another's ass as a form of punishment.

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 2girls barefoot bed bloomers closed_eyes elf hair_brush long_hair multiple_girls open_mouth original over_the_knee pointy_ears short_hair spanked spanking underwear white_bloomers yuri zekel
 1girl alien all_fours ass bad_tag breasts completely_nude feet looking_at_viewer looking_back nude original pixel_art pixelated short_hair spanked spanking zekel
 1girl alien ass bottomless feet no_lineart open_mouth original purple_eyes purple_hair short_hair simple_background solo spanked spanking stool zekel
 2girls annelotte armor armored_gloves ass ass_focus bare_legs black_hair breastplate breasts curvy female_focus femdom fundoshi highres izumi_(queen's_blade) japanese_clothes large_breasts long_hair lying medium_breasts moaning multiple_girls night ponytail punishment queen's_blade queen's_blade_rebellion restrained revealing_clothes ryohei_29 scarf shiny_skin skindentation spanked spanking standing teardrop tears thong trembling wedgie wide_hips
 1boy 1girl jittorip over_the_knee shota spanked spanking tagme
 2girls apron ass barefoot black_eyes blush completely_nude hair_brush maid maid_apron mole multiple_girls nude original over_the_knee punishment spanked spanking zekel

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