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Tag type: General

If a picture has a cross-section that shows a cumshot.

In most cases (but not all), this tag appears to be merely a consolidation of the cross-section and cum_inside tags.

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 1boy 1girl absurdres alternate_costume alternate_size black_pantyhose black_shirt blue_jacket blue_pants blush breasts breasts_out censored clothed_sex clothes_lift clothing_aside commission cum cum_in_pussy cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_upper_body dark-skinned_male dark_skin dot_nose ejaculation genshin_impact grabbing grabbing_another's_breast grabbing_from_behind green_eyes green_scrunchie heart heart-shaped_pupils hetero highres interlocked_fingers internal_cumshot jacket large_breasts long_bangs long_hair long_sleeves mosaic_censoring nahida_(genshin_impact) nipples no_bra open_mouth panties panties_aside pants pantyhose partially_unzipped penis reverse_upright_straddle scrunchie sex sex_from_behind shirt side_ponytail skeb_commission skirt skirt_lift solo_focus spread_legs sweat symbol-shaped_pupils torn_clothes torn_pantyhose track_jacket translation_request underwear utaha_shiu vaginal wavy_mouth white_hair white_panties
 2boys 2girls animated ascot audible_speech blinking blush bouncing_ass bouncing_breasts bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair clothed_sex clothing_aside cum cum_in_pussy cum_overflow cumdrip deep_penetration detached_sleeves ejaculation female_orgasm frilled_bow frilled_hair_tubes frills fundoshi fundoshi_aside group_sex hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu henkawa hetero horn_bow horn_ornament horn_ribbon horns ibuki_suika internal_cumshot japanese_clothes live2d long_hair lying m_legs medium_breasts missionary moaning multiple_boys multiple_girls nipples nude oni orange_hair orgasm orgy penis pov pussy red_bow red_skirt ribbon ribbon_trim sex skirt skirt_set sound spread_legs spread_pussy sweat tagme torn_clothes torn_sleeves touhou ugoira vaginal video yellow_ascot yellow_eyes
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 1boy 1girl black_hair blush breasts censored clenched_teeth cross-section cum cum_in_pussy earrings ejaculation fate/grand_order fate_(series) fujimaru_ritsuka_(male) hetero highres internal_cumshot jewelry large_breasts long_hair martha_(fate) nipples nude open_mouth penis pononozo purple_hair pussy sex short_hair speech_bubble teeth translation_request uterus vaginal
 1boy 1girl blue_hair blush bouncing_breasts breasts colored_inner_hair commentary_request cum cum_in_pussy ejaculation feet_out_of_frame green_hair hetero highres holding_another's_wrist internal_cumshot kitakoji_hisui large_breasts long_hair medium_bangs missionary motion_lines multicolored_hair nijisanji nipples open_mouth orange_eyes other5555 penis pov pov_crotch pussy sex sharp_teeth solo_focus teeth uncensored uterus vaginal virtual_youtuber x-ray
 1boy 1girl absurdres ahoge arms_up bar_censor barefoot bdsm blue_archive breasts censored coat collarbone completely_nude covered_mouth cum cum_in_pussy dark-skinned_male dark_skin demon_horns dot_nose ejaculation forehead fur_collar gag grey_hair hair_ornament hairclip hetero highres hina_(blue_archive) horns huge_filesize improvised_gag internal_cumshot leg_grab long_coat long_hair looking_at_viewer lying missionary mosaic_censoring multiple_horns navel nipples nude on_back parted_bangs penis pov pov_crotch pov_hands purple_eyes pussy rape sex small_breasts soles solo_focus spread_legs stomach tape tape_gag tears trimbil unworn_coat vaginal very_long_hair wavy_mouth

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