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If you had no childhood, then maybe you never encountered a crayon. The rest of us will be well-familiar with these tasteless, inedible, not-especially-nutritious wax pigment sticks. It should be noted that, though they are non-toxic, crayons are most assuredly not delicious, and you shouldn't try eating them.

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 1boy blue_shirt border bug butterfly butterfly_on_nose collared_shirt commentary crayon crayon_(medium) faux_traditional_media flower from_side haikyuu!! hair_flower hair_ornament hashtag-only_commentary heart hinata_shouyou insect light_smile male_focus mushroom orange_eyes orange_hair parted_lips pink_flower pink_rose rose shirt short_hair solo sparkle traditional_media tulip tuuuuuututu upper_body weibo_logo yellow_border
 1other androgynous bare_shoulders black_flower black_hat black_vest chinese_commentary collared_shirt commentary_request crayon_(medium) detached_sleeves enraku_tsubakura expressionless eye_of_senri flower green_hakama grey_eyes grey_hair hair_between_eyes hakama hakama_short_skirt hakama_skirt hand_up hat highres japanese_clothes len'en light_blush long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mxx33 neck_ribbon other_focus palms parted_lips photo_(medium) red_hat red_ribbon ribbon shirt short_hair skirt solo top_hat traditional_media two-sided_fabric two-sided_headwear vest white_shirt white_sleeves wide_sleeves
 1girl a.i._voice adachi_rei blue_background closed_mouth computer_chip crayon_(medium) hair_between_eyes hair_ornament headlamp highres jacket looking_at_viewer medium_hair mizu_(_mizuo_o) one_side_up open_clothes open_jacket orange_eyes orange_hair pastel_(medium) radio_antenna solo traditional_media turtleneck upper_body utau white_jacket
1boy :o backpack bag banjo-kazooie big_nose black_eyes black_hair commentary crayon_(medium) faux_traditional_media gloves helmet highres jason_lupas leaf looking_at_another looking_back mario_(series) nintendo olimar open_mouth outstretched_arms parody pikmin_(series) piranha_plant pointy_ears polka_dot radio_antenna red_bag red_gloves saliva shadow short_hair simple_background smoke space_helmet spacesuit spitting super_smash_bros. tiptoes traditional_media unusually_open_eyes very_short_hair wide-eyed yellow_background
1boy backpack bag banjo-kazooie big_nose black_hair buttons closed_eyes commentary crayon_(medium) faux_traditional_media gloves grin helmet highres jason_lupas leaf mario_(series) nintendo olimar parody parted_lips pikmin_(series) piranha_plant plant pointy_ears polka_dot radio_antenna red_bag red_gloves red_light shadow sharp_teeth short_hair simple_background smile space_helmet spacesuit super_smash_bros. teeth traditional_media very_short_hair yellow_background
 6+others blush colored_lineart crayon_(medium) creatures_(company) faux_traditional_media game_freak gen_2_pokemon highres multiple_others nintendo paldean_wooper pokemon pokemon_sv signature sitting sitting_on_another's_tail sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person sketch temariame14 traditional_media white_background wooper

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