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Similar in both theory and practice to watercolors, gouache has the distinction of laying opaque pigment on a substrate and using the water as a binder rather than to staining the substrate directly. Long favoured by illustrators for its ability to cover large areas, many old movie_posters are painted with this medium. Notably, it can also be applied via pen or airbrush.

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 1girl :t acrylic_gouache_(medium) acrylic_paint_(medium) aqua_eyes aqua_hair cable cable_in_mouth closed_mouth commentary_request eating fork gouache_(medium) grey_shirt hair_between_eyes hands_up highres holding holding_fork holding_plate looking_at_viewer mixed_media momoe_(mme_daigaku) original painting_(medium) plate shirt short_hair short_sleeves simple_background solo traditional_media unconventional_media upper_body white_background
 1girl :d artist_name bell black_background black_shirt blonde_hair border bow cape cat collar cropped_arms cropped_torso fangs fingernails flying_animal glowing_animal gouache_(medium) hair_bow hands_up happy jingle_bell lace_collar large_bow limited_palette lipstick long_fingernails looking_at_animal looking_down makeup miyaulait neck_bell neck_ribbon object_floating_above_hand open_mouth original outside_border painting_(medium) portrait purple_border purple_bow purple_lips raised_eyebrows ribbon see-through see-through_cape see-through_veil shirt slit_pupils smile solo star_(symbol) starry_background three_quarter_view traditional_media undersized_animal veil watermark web_address white_collar
6+boys amras amrod bird black_hair black_horse bridle brothers brown_cape brown_hair brown_horse brown_tunic cape caranthir celegorm curufin family gouache_(medium) holding holding_banner holding_polearm holding_weapon horse horseback_riding jenny_dolfen long_hair maedhros maglor mountainous_horizon multiple_boys outdoors painting_(medium) plant polearm purple_sky purple_theme purple_tunic red_cape red_hair red_tunic reins riding riding_animal saddle short_hair siblings signature sky spear the_silmarillion tolkien's_legendarium traditional_media tree tunic watercolor_(medium) weapon white_horse
 5boys amras angry arguing belt bracer brothers cape caranthir celegorm cowboy_shot curufin elf gouache_(medium) jenny_dolfen long_hair maglor male_focus medium_hair monochrome multiple_boys ornate_clothes painting_(medium) pastel_(medium) pointy_ears sepia siblings signature the_silmarillion tolkien's_legendarium tolkien's_legendarium traditional_media tunic wavy_hair
6+boys amras amrod black_hair blonde_hair brothers brown_pants caranthir celegorm curufin embroidery family father_and_son feanor from_below gouache_(medium) holding holding_sword holding_weapon jenny_dolfen layered_sleeves long_hair maedhros maglor male_focus medium_hair monochrome multiple_boys painting_(medium) pants red_hair red_sky red_theme red_tunic scabbard sheath siblings sky sword the_silmarillion tolkien's_legendarium traditional_media tunic watercolor_(medium) weapon
4boys artist_logo barnacle black_hair blue_cape blue_sky blue_tunic boots bracer brothers cape elf elrond elros embroidery gouache_(medium) grey_cape grey_pants holding holding_shell horizon jenny_dolfen layered_sleeves leaning_forward long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_object maedhros maglor multiple_boys ocean painting_(medium) pants pointy_ears red_hair rock shell short_hair short_over_long_sleeves short_sleeves siblings simple_bird sitting sitting_on_rock sky standing the_silmarillion tolkien's_legendarium traditional_media tunic wading water watercolor_(medium)

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