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Paints made of pigments suspended in a water soluble vehicle, typically referring to the traditional style of "transparent" watercolors (as opposed to "opaque" gouache. Typically tagged「透明水彩」(lit. transparent watercolor) on pixiv.

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 2012 animal animal_focus commentary english_commentary fins fish from_above full_body gills goldfish inna_victorovna mixed-language_commentary no_humans original painting_(medium) pebble ripples rock russian_commentary traditional_media water watercolor_(medium)
 1boy commission hat hat_ornament highres horned_mask long_sleeves majora_(entity) mask matias_bergara nintendo own_hands_together painting_(medium) skull_kid spiked_mask straw_hat the_legend_of_zelda the_legend_of_zelda:_majora's_mask traditional_media upper_body watercolor_(medium) yellow_eyes
 1girl blue_background blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skirt blue_vest blush breasts bubble chacham cleavage commentary cross-laced_clothes hashtag-only_commentary heterochromia karakasa_obake looking_at_viewer marker_(medium) medium_breasts nail_polish painting_(medium) purple_umbrella red_eyes short_hair skirt solo tatara_kogasa tongue tongue_out touhou traditional_media umbrella vest watercolor_(medium) watermark
 absurdres blue_sky building car cloud cloudy_sky crosshatching hatching_(texture) highres house ibsukionsen morning motor_vehicle no_humans original painting_(medium) power_lines road scenery shadow sky street sunlight sunrise sunset traditional_media utility_pole watercolor_(medium) woven_hatching
 1boy absurdres arknights black_cape blue_eyes blue_hair cape chinese_commentary closed_mouth commentary_request cropped_shoulders earrings expressionless high_collar highres jewelry looking_at_viewer male_focus painting_(medium) parted_bangs partial_commentary photo_(medium) pointy_ears red_cape short_hair solo traditional_media tudou_c2h2 two-sided_cape two-sided_fabric watercolor_(medium) zuo_le_(arknights)
 1girl ahoge artist_name collared_shirt colored_eyelashes colored_inner_hair flower food fruit green_eyes green_flower green_hair green_hoodie green_nails green_pants green_shirt hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hood hood_down hoodie horns leaf limited_palette long_sleeves looking_up maruti_bitamin medium_hair multicolored_hair nail_polish one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair orange_nails original oversized_food oversized_object painting_(medium) pants persimmon print_hoodie shirt simple_background solo standing traditional_media tree_horns two-tone_eyes two-tone_hair upper_body watercolor_(medium) white_background

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