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Image containing text (e.g. web_address) or logo that the author included.

Watermarks posted by third-parties should be avoided in a picture, especially if the watermark is obtrusively located, its addition has caused jpeg_artifacts, or it identifies the image as having originated from an active paysite.

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1girl :/ areola_slip arm_at_side artist_name black_hair breasts cellphone closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary cowboy_shot dress_shirt duck_hair_ornament english_commentary english_text fingernails gao_(gaolukchup) hand_up highres holding holding_phone indoors jewelry large_breasts light_blush long_fingernails loogchoob_(gaolukchup) looking_at_viewer navel necklace no_bra open_clothes open_door open_shirt original paid_reward_available panties phone sample_watermark shirt short_hair smartphone solo speech_bubble standing string_panties underwear watermark white_panties white_shirt yellow_eyes
 1girl absurdres ahoge angel_wings animal_ear_fluff animal_ears arm_belt bare_shoulders belt belt_buckle black_background bow breasts buckle cartoon_wings check_copyright chinese_commentary cleavage cleavage_cutout clothing_cutout commentary_request copyright_request cowboy_shot cross-laced_clothes cross-laced_dress dress elbow_gloves frilled_dress frilled_ribbon frills fur-trimmed_gloves fur_trim gloves hair_bow hand_on_own_head heart heart-shaped_buckle highres huangse_huanghuang huge_breasts mini_wings mole mole_on_breast multicolored_hair neck_ribbon original rabbit_ears ribbon sample_watermark short_hair_with_long_locks sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo streaked_hair studded_belt watermark weibo_watermark wings
 1girl absurdres aqua_eyes aqua_hair artist_name asami-chan blurry bokeh cowboy_shot depth_of_field dress female_focus frilled_dress frills from_below highres lens_flare looking_at_viewer medium_hair monogatari_(series) ononoki_yotsugi orange_dress solo striped_clothes striped_thighhighs tagme thighhighs twintails v watermark zettai_ryouiki
 6+girls clone commentary commission crop_top cropped_sweater english_commentary final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii final_fantasy_vii_rebirth final_fantasy_vii_remake fingerless_gloves forehead_protector gloves green_sweater headband holding holding_shuriken holding_weapon leaf leg_warmers midair mountain multiple_girls nikusenpai orange_gloves sample_watermark shoes short_shorts shorts shuriken single_shoulder_pad sleeveless sleeveless_turtleneck smile sneakers sweater turtleneck watermark weapon yuffie_kisaragi
 1girl blue_background buttons closed_mouth collared_shirt diamond_button expressionless fern fish_bone flower frilled_hat frills grey_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hair_ribbon hat hat_flower high_collar highres holding holding_quill jellyfish long_sleeves looking_at_viewer original pink_flower pink_lips pink_ribbon qiqiqiqi quill red_flower ribbon sample_watermark shirt sleeves_past_wrists solo third-party_source upper_body watermark weibo_watermark white_hat white_shirt witch_hat
 1girl 22/7 ahoge belt between_legs black_jacket blue_hair brown_belt brown_eyes commission dark_blue_hair hand_between_legs hand_on_own_stomach hungry indian_style indoors jacket leather leather_jacket lens_flare light_particles long_sleeves looking_at_viewer microphone_stand morinomiya_ruri open_mouth pixiv_commission pleated_skirt print_shirt print_skirt red_skirt sample_watermark shirt short_hair sitting skirt skull_and_crossbones skull_print solo sound_effects stomach_growling sweatdrop takigawa_miu thighhighs watermark wavy_hair wavy_mouth white_shirt white_thighhighs

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