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Backgrounds with a solid or predominantly aqua or turquoise color. For ultramarine, navy or sky blue colors, use blue_background. Can also apply to gradient_background in conjunction with another background color.

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 1boy absurdres aiguillette aqua_background belt belt_buckle black_belt black_gloves black_shirt blue_background blue_eyes blue_hair blue_jacket blue_nails blue_pants blue_theme buckle buttons chain chain_necklace closed_mouth clover collarbone cowboy_shot cropped_jacket dangle_earrings dark_background dark_blue_hair double-breasted earrings eyes_visible_through_hair fingernails glitter gloves gradient_background hair_between_eyes half_gloves hand_on_own_head hands_up happy head_tilt high_collar highres index_finger_raised jacket jewelry kaito_(vocaloid) lapel_pin lead_to_shine_more_(project_sekai) light_particles light_rays light_smile limited_palette looking_at_viewer male_focus midriff_peek more_more_jump!_(project_sekai) more_more_jump!_kaito navel necklace nico1016 pants parted_bangs pectorals project_sekai see-through see-through_shirt shade shading_eyes shirt shirt_tucked_in sidelighting silver_trim simple_background single_earring toned toned_male tsurime twitter_username vocaloid white_background wing_collar
 2girls animal_ears aqua_background aqua_eyes aqua_neckerchief blue_dress blush cerise_bouquet closed_mouth commentary dated dress drop_shadow eemaaang flower green_eyes hair_bun hair_flower hair_ornament hand_up happy_birthday hasu_no_sora_school_uniform highres hinoshita_kaho kemonomimi_mode korean_commentary link!_like!_love_live! long_hair looking_at_another love_live! medium_hair mini_person minigirl multiple_girls neckerchief open_mouth orange_hair otomune_kozue person_on_shoulder pleated_dress puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_hair rabbit_ears rabbit_girl rabbit_hair_ornament rabbit_tail red_flower red_neckerchief sailor_collar sailor_dress school_uniform short_sleeves side_ponytail sidelocks single_side_bun smile summer_uniform tail two_side_up upper_body virtual_youtuber white_sailor_collar
 1boy aiba_ibuki animal_ear_fluff animal_hands aqua_background book bright_pupils cat_boy chinese_commentary closed_mouth commentary_request green_hoodie hair_over_one_eye holding holding_book hood hood_down hoodie jewelry kemonomimi_mode long_sleeves male_focus necklace purple_eyes purple_hair saibou_shinkyoku short_hair simple_background solo upper_body white_pupils yin_rouhi
 1girl :o absurdres aqua_background arm_support bags_under_eyes black_footwear boots choker chou_(danny8461) collarbone crossed_ankles dress empty_eyes highres jacket looking_at_viewer lying on_back open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth original pink_hair ribbon_choker short_hair simple_background solo striped_clothes striped_dress teeth upper_teeth_only v vertical-striped_clothes vertical-striped_dress
 1girl ambiguous_red_liquid animal_ears aqua_background black_border blue_dress blue_hair blush border closed_mouth commentary_request dress highres holding kine looking_at_viewer lunalunachild mallet medium_hair rabbit_ears rabbit_girl red_eyes seiran_(touhou) short_sleeves simple_background smile solo touhou upper_body
 1girl alternate_hairstyle antenna_hair aqua_background arknights belt black_coat black_shorts black_thighhighs blood blood_in_hair blood_on_clothes blood_on_face breasts coat commentary cowboy_shot demon_horns drop_shadow grey_hair hand_up highres hood hooded_coat horns lin_qing_(phosphorus_1104) looking_at_viewer medium_breasts ponytail pouch red_background red_hair shorts sketch sleeves_rolled_up smile solo symbol-only_commentary thighhighs two-tone_background w_(arknights) yellow_eyes

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