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Tag type: General

Double exclamation points often express surprise or shock or sudden pain.

Use this tag for any set of multiple exclamation points outside of a text bubble, unless they are the only things in the text bubble.

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!, !?, ?, /\/\/\,

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 ! !! 1girl 1other animal_costume apron bear_costume black_apron blue_gloves claws collared_shirt commentary_request cutting_board drooling fang fish gloves hair_between_eyes heterochromia highres holding holding_knife hololive houshou_kumarine houshou_marine indoors knife looking_at_food low_twintails maposuke open_mouth red_eyes red_hair shirt short_sleeves sparkle sparkling_eyes translation_request twintails v-shaped_eyebrows white_shirt yellow_eyes
 ! !! 1other antenna_hair aqua_coat blonde_hair coat fingerless_gloves gloves gnosia hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairclip highres looking_at_viewer other_focus red_eyes setsu_(gnosia) short_hair simple_background solo surround_sara_udon turtleneck white_background
 ! !! 1boy absurdres animal_ears armpit_hair armpit_hair_peek bara beard_stubble belly belly_grab black_male_underwear boxer_briefs brody_(plateforrat) brown_hair bulge cow_boy cow_ears cow_horns cow_tail cowboy_shot facial_hair hair_over_eyes hairy highres horns large_pectorals male_focus male_underwear mature_male muscular muscular_male navel navel_hair nipples original pectorals plateforrat short_hair solo sparse_chest_hair standing stomach stubble tail thick_arm_hair thick_eyebrows thick_leg_hair thick_navel_hair thick_thighs thighs underwear weight_conscious weight_gain
 ! !! 2girls ;d alternate_hairstyle aqua_hair bellibolt blue_hair book bow-shaped_hair breasts character_hair_ornament collarbone commentary_request creatures_(company) cup drinking earrings eyeliner flower_earrings game_freak gen_4_pokemon gen_7_pokemon green_eyes green_hair grey_shirt hair_ornament hand_up heart hexagon_print highres holding holding_cup iono_(pokemon) jacket jewelry long_hair long_sleeves makeup min_(myna8247) miriam_(pokemon) mug multicolored_hair multiple_girls nail_polish nintendo no_coat off-shoulder_sweater off_shoulder one_eye_closed open_mouth pink_eyeliner pink_hair pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_sv ponytail purple_hair rotom rotom_phone sharp_teeth shirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists smile spoken_heart steam streaked_hair sweater swept_bangs teeth tongue toxapex two-tone_hair upper_teeth_only very_long_sleeves x yellow_jacket yellow_nails
 ! !! alternate_costume arm_tattoo crossdressing eyeliner finger_on_own's_chin hair_over_one_eye hair_tied_up japanese_text licking_lips long_hair looking_at_viewer makeup multiple_views naruto_(series) naruto_shippuuden orochimaru_(naruto) pale_skin school_uniform short_sleeves sitting sitting_on_object skirt snake sparkle tattoo tongue tongue_out translated yellow_eyes ้บบ/ym
 ! !! 2girls alternate_size azumanga_daiou black_hair brown_eyes capelet child city cityscape commit_dead crossover crying crying_with_eyes_open debris dual_wielding green_capelet highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket kasuga_ayumu medium_hair mihama_chiyo mihama_chiyo's_father military_uniform multiple_girls open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth orange_hair paradis_military_uniform shingeki_no_kyojin shirt short_twintails streaming_tears sword tears three-dimensional_maneuver_gear twintails twitter_username uniform weapon white_shirt

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