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An image with a character holding an object in their mouth.

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 +_+ 1girl aqua_eyes backpack bag bandaid bandaid_on_leg black_skirt blue_hair blush bow bowtie breasts collared_shirt commentary dress_shirt english_commentary falling_petals feet_out_of_frame fisheye food glasses green_jacket hair_ornament hairclip highres holding_snack incoming_food jacket long_hair looking_at_viewer low_ponytail miniskirt mouth_hold on_bench open_box open_clothes open_jacket original p-man petals pleated_skirt pocky red-framed_eyewear shirt sitting skirt sleeves_past_elbows small_breasts solo star_(symbol) star_hair_ornament v-shaped_eyebrows white_shirt yellow_bow yellow_bowtie
 1girl akutami_gege arm_behind_head banknote banknote_in_mouth blue_hair breasts convenient_censoring cover grey_eyes hair_over_breasts hair_over_one_breast highres jujutsu_kaisen large_breasts light_blue_hair long_hair mei_mei_(jujutsu_kaisen) money mouth_hold nude paint_splatter solo teeth_hold upper_body white_hair
 1boy boots brown_gloves cigar club_(weapon) colored_skin creatures_(company) earmuffs full_body game_freak gen_4_pokemon gloves grey_footwear grey_pants grey_skin highres holding holding_club holding_weapon male_focus mouth_hold muscular muscular_male nintendo orange_hair pants pectorals personification pokemon pokemon_(creature) reference_inset rhyperior short_hair signature simple_background standing tamtamdi teeth_hold translated weapon white_background
 1boy abs ace_attorney apollo_justice:_ace_attorney badge bara beanie beard_stubble clothes_in_mouth cowboy_shot cum cum_on_fingers cum_on_legs cum_on_male cum_on_self erection facial_hair greyscale hat highres hood hoodie looking_at_viewer lupin_barnabi male_focus male_underwear monochrome mouth_hold muscular muscular_male mustache_stubble navel open_clothes open_hoodie penis phoenix_wright shirt_in_mouth short_hair signature simple_background sitting solo spread_legs stubble testicles underpec underwear white_background
 1girl akutami_gege belt black_jacket breasts brown_belt brown_eyes brown_hair claw_hammer clenched_teeth cover hammer highres holding holding_hammer holding_nail jacket jujutsu_kaisen jujutsu_tech_uniform kugisaki_nobara medium_breasts mouth_hold nail orange_hair school_uniform short_hair solo straw_doll swept_bangs teeth teeth_hold
 1girl absurdres adjusting_hair animal arms_behind_head arms_up bag black_cat blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt blush breasts cat closed_mouth commentary day english_commentary funii hair_tie hair_tie_in_mouth highres long_hair looking_at_viewer midriff_peek mouth_hold nail_polish navel navel_peek neckerchief original photoshop_(medium) pleated_skirt red_eyes red_nails red_neckerchief sailor_collar school_bag school_uniform serafuku shirt short_sleeves skirt small_breasts solo standing tying_hair very_long_hair white_hair white_shirt wind_chime

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