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Contains 4 females within the picture or animation.

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 1boy 4girls blonde_hair blue_dress blue_hair cape cure_butterfly cure_butterfly_(enchanted_form) cure_majesty cure_majesty_(enchanted_form) cure_prism cure_prism_(enhanced_form) cure_sky cure_sky_(enhanced_form) cure_wing cure_wing_(enhaned_form) dress ellee-chan enchanted_form gown highres hijiri_ageha knoah light_blue_hair long_hair multiple_girls nijigaoka_mashiro non-web_source orange_hair pink_hair purple_hair shoes socks sora_harewataru very_long_hair yuunagi_tsubasa
 4girls ahoge animal_ears artist_request black_thighhighs blonde_hair blue_hair blush breasts card character_request classroom cloud cloudy_sky day desk grey_eyes hands_on_own_chest heart heart_ahoge hololive large_breasts long_hair medium_breasts multicolored_hair multiple_girls omaru_polka purple_eyes school_uniform shishiro_botan shoes skirt sky smile table thighhighs tongue tongue_out twintails white_hair white_thighhighs window yellow_eyes yukihana_lamy
 4girls 6+boys black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_shorts bow dress hat hetero highres holding_hands jeff_andonuts looking_at_another mother_(game) mother_2 multiple_boys multiple_girls ness's_mother ness_(mother_2) nintendo offering_hand paula_(mother_2) pink_bow pink_dress pink_footwear poo_(mother_2) prison_cell red_footwear red_hat shirt shoes short_hair shorts sitting smile sneakers socks striped_clothes striped_shirt stuffed_animal stuffed_toy teddy_bear tonzura_brothers tracy_(mother_2) translation_request ukata venus_(mother) waist_bow white_socks
 4girls =_= aircraft airplane angry blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair braid broom brown_hair building crying episode_number finger_on_another's_head from_side gappa_makoto_angstrom giant giantess glasses hairband hammer highres holding holding_broom holding_hammer kuga_reimi lab_coat military_vehicle mini_person minigirl motor_vehicle multiple_girls open_mouth profile red_hair shinonome_akira shuumatsu_train_doko_e_iku? size_difference skyscraper streaming_tears tank tears wavy_mouth yamada_(shuumatsu_train) zhanzhangzlw
 4girls ;d absurdres black_hair blue_eyes blue_ribbon blurry blurry_background collarbone crossed_bangs dkou dress fujishima_megumi green_eyes hair_ornament hair_ribbon hashtag-only_commentary hasu_no_sora_school_uniform highres hinoshita_kaho link!_like!_love_live! long_hair looking_at_phone love_live! low_twintails medium_dress medium_hair mole mole_on_neck multiple_girls murano_sayaka neckerchief one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_hair osawa_rurino parted_lips phone pleated_dress rabbit_hair_ornament railing red_neckerchief ribbon sailor_collar sailor_dress school_uniform selfie short_sleeves smile summer_uniform teeth tree twintails two_side_up upper_teeth_only virtual_youtuber white_dress white_sailor_collar
 4girls ass blush buruma cameltoe censored cleft_of_venus clothes_pull exhibitionism fat_mons flat_chest from_below hat higegepon highres loli multiple_girls no_panties panties pants panty_peek pantylines public_indecency school_hat see-through shorts shorts_pull tagme thighs third-party_edit track_pants underwear upskirt x-ray

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