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A type of tongue that reaches past the chin when extended.

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 2girls artist_logo black_coat black_pantyhose blunt_bangs coat commentary dangle_earrings earrings english_commentary fern_(sousou_no_frieren) frieren gold_trim highres indoors jewelry keihh long_hair long_tongue looking_at_another looking_back mimic multiple_girls pantyhose pointy_ears purple_hair saliva sharp_teeth skirt sousou_no_frieren teeth tongue torn_clothes torn_pantyhose treasure_chest twintails white_hair white_skirt
 1girl animal_ears armlet armor blue_hair bracelet chest_sarashi cloak dagger dog_ears dog_girl fangs grin highres holding holding_whip jewelry knife long_hair long_tongue multiple_views muscular muscular_female octosoup power_armor pubic_tattoo purple_eyes saliva sarashi slaanesh_(symbol) smile speech_bubble tattoo teeth tongue warhammer_40k weapon yellow_eyes
 1girl a.i._voice ahoge black_horns blush border fingernails grey_serafuku hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairclip highres horns long_fingernails long_sleeves long_tongue nail_polish open_mouth pointy_ears purple_eyes purple_hair purple_nails purple_tail sailor_collar scales school_uniform serafuku sharp_fingernails short_hair solo tongue tongue_out upper_body voiceroid white_border white_sailor_collar yuzuki_yukari yuzuki_yukari_(shizuku) zooanime
 2boys absurdres bara beard black_hair body_fur close-up demon_horns eye_contact eyeshadow face-to-face facial_hair from_side highres horns kabedon long_beard long_hair long_tongue looking_at_another makeup male_focus mature_male monster_boy multiple_boys mystrel nude original pointy_ears profile red_eyeshadow sharp_teeth shower_(place) showering teeth thick_beard thick_eyebrows tongue upper_body wet yaoi
 1girl 4futa abs black_sclera blonde_hair blue_hair breasts chain colored_sclera colored_skin covered_erect_nipples cuffs cum cum_in_pussy demon_girl eyelashes facial fangs fellatio fingernails flower futa_with_female futanari green_eyes green_nails grin group_sex half-closed_eyes highres horns hoshiguma_yuugi huge_penis large_breasts long_fingernails long_hair long_tongue masturbation medium_breasts mizuhashi_parsee monster_girl multiple_futa nail_polish nipples no_testicles nude oni open_mouth oral pale_skin penis pointy_ears pubic_hair purple_skin pussy ragathol red_eyes red_hair red_nails red_skin reverse_suspended_congress sex sex_from_behind shackles short_hair single_horn skinny smile spider_lily stomach_bulge tongue tongue_out tonguejob touhou uncensored vaginal yellow_eyes yellow_sclera yellow_skin
 1girl 6+boys anger_vein angry biting blonde_hair blush breasts collarbone cooperative_fellatio double_handjob fellatio green_nails group_sex handjob hetero highres large_penis licking licking_penis long_tongue medium_breasts mizuhashi_parsee multiple_boys multiple_penis_fellatio nail_polish nipples nude open_mouth oral pale_skin penis penis_biting penis_on_head penis_to_breast ponytail ragathol saliva sharp_teeth short_hair small_breasts solo_focus surrounded_by_penises teeth tongue tongue_out touhou uncensored veins veiny_penis

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