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Small mask wearing enemies from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Their true faces are never shown, but Luigi caught a glimpse of what the Shy Guys looked like underneath the mask in Mario Tennis and was visibly terrified. They actually originated in the non-Mario game Doki Doki Panic. However, Nintendo was concerned that the original Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 (also known as The Lost Levels) was far too difficult for American gamers and may also be too similar to the original Super Mario Bros. so they took Doki Doki Panic and swapped the main characters with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad and released it as Super Mario Bros. 2

Shy Guys were carried over into the Mario canon and often appear in Yoshi's games like Yoshi's Island and Yoshi Story.

Not to be confused with a male character acting shy in an image.

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 1girl ?_block arms_behind_back artist_request belt blue_sky breasts brick_block buckle cloud cloudy_sky coin garter_straps gold_coin green_hair huge_breasts looking_down mario_(series) mask nintendo shy_gal shy_guy sitting sky thighhighs thighs
 ?_block agumon belt brick_block chamblemon claws digimon digimon_(creature) green_eyes guilmon hammer horns mario mario_(series) mushmon nintendo princess_peach red_eyes sharp_teeth shy_guy sinobali spikes teeth v-mon zudomon zudomon_(cosplay)
cable cellphone commentary_request heyhota highres holding holding_phone lying mario_(series) mask nintendo no_humans on_side phone shy_guy simple_background smartphone under_covers white_mask
 :d bird blue_sky blush_stickers cloud cloudy_sky crazee_dayzee flower flying goonie happy highres island mario_(series) mask mofupoyo nintendo no_humans ocean open_mouth shy_guy sky smile solid_eyes super_mario_world_2:_yoshi's_island
 :o bird food fried_egg highres ketchup mario_(series) mask minimized nintendo no_humans salad sandwich sausage shy_guy sitting tomato white_background white_bird
 biddybud bird black_eyes boo_(mario) bright_pupils bug butterfly closed_eyes double_cherry fangs flower highres holding insect mario_(series) mask mofupoyo nintendo no_humans open_mouth outdoors shy_guy sleeping watering_can white_bird white_pupils

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