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Tag type: Character

Bullets with ferocious smiles on their faces. They are one of the recurring enemies of the Mario franchise are usually shot out of cannons. Larger varieties also exist. Like most enemies, they can be defeated by jumping on them.

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 1girl abs arms_up biceps blqueen3 bowsette breasts bullet_bill collar crown detached_sleeves dress earrings horns jewelry koopa large_breasts mario muscular muscular_female nintendo sharp_teeth spiked_collar spikes teeth
 2girls 6+boys angry billy_lee blonde_hair boo_(mario) bow_hairband bowser breasts brothers brown_hair bullet_bill castle chain_chomp claws cosplay crown double_dragon double_dragon_ii_(the_revenge) dress evil_grin evil_smile grin hairband horns hug iggy_koopa jacket jimmy_lee koopa_clown_car lipstick long_hair looking_at_another luigi makeup marian_kelly mario mario_(series) morton_koopa_jr. multiple_boys multiple_girls night night_sky nintendo panties pantyhose princess_peach punching red_hair serious siblings sky smile spiked_shell spiny_egg super_mario_bros._3 super_mario_world tale torn_clothes torn_dress underwear upskirt wand wendy_o._koopa white_panties
 1girl 2boys blonde_hair boo_(mario) bulge bullet_bill chain_chomp clothes crown dark-skinned_male dark_skin dedalo earrings english_text fellatio ghost goomba goomba_tower group_sex huge_penis huge_testicles interracial jewelry long_hair mario_(series) mmf_threesome monster multiple_boys nintendo oral penis piercing princess_peach sex sex_from_behind stomach_bulge super_mario_3d_land testicles threesome torn_clothes veins veiny_penis
 1girl bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts bryce_carrington bullet_bill cleavage commentary crown dress earrings elbow_gloves english_commentary explosion from_above gloves grey_background hand_on_own_hip heart high_heels highres jewelry lipstick long_hair looking_at_viewer makeup mario_(series) medium_breasts multiple_views nintendo official_alternate_costume one_eye_closed pointing princess_peach red_dress running scared side_slit simple_background sketch solo_focus sparkle super_mario_all_stars thighs torn_clothes torn_dress
 1boy 1girl blue_toad_(mario) brown_hair bullet_bill closed_eyes crown dress earrings facial_hair flower_earrings frown hat highres jewelry kirihoshi luigi mario_(series) mustache nintendo orange_dress overalls princess_daisy surprised toad_(mario) unworn_crown unworn_hat unworn_headwear
4girls 6+boys animal_ears birdo block_(mario) blonde_hair blooper_(mario) blue_eyes bowser brown_hair bullet_bill cape cape_mario castle cheep_cheep claws crown day dinosaur dolphin_(mario) dress fire_flower flower flying food gloves goomba grin hammer hammer_bro hat jumping koopa_paratroopa koopa_troopa lakitu long_hair looking_at_viewer luigi magic_carpet mario mario_(series) morton_koopa_jr. multiple_boys multiple_girls musical_note nintendo note_block_(mario) open_mouth overalls pink_dress power-up princess_peach prunbirdo raccoon_ears raccoon_mario raccoon_tail red_eyes red_hair riding shy_guy smile snifit spiked_shell spiny_egg sumo_bro super_koopa super_mario_bros._1 super_mario_bros._2 super_mario_bros._3 super_mario_world super_mushroom tail throwing toad_(mario) toadette tulip vegetable warp_pipe wart_(mario) wiggler wings yoshi

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