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Pictures containing socks. Presumably on the subject's feet, but not necessarily; the socks may be discarded to the side, and the picture features a barefoot subject. Usual (but not only) use of this tag would be when the subject is not wearing shoes, but IS wearing socks, and thus not barefoot.

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 1girl bag blue_eyes clenched_hand collared_shirt earrings gloves heart helmet highres jewelry long_hair mona_(warioware) nintendo official_art orange_hair pink_footwear pink_gloves pink_shirt pink_shorts pink_socks pith_helmet shirt shorts shoulder_bag smile socks stud_earrings third-party_source warioware warioware:_d.i.y.
 1girl arm_support black_choker blue_hair blue_jacket blue_sky blush bra breasts brown_hair choker cloud collared_shirt food grin hair_ornament hairclip highres holding holding_food holding_popsicle jacket knee_up kneehighs long_hair long_sleeves medium_breasts multicolored_hair nijihashi_sora non-web_source open_clothes open_shirt original panties pink_bra pink_footwear pink_hair pink_panties pleated_skirt popsicle purple_eyes railing school_uniform scrunchie shirt shoes short_hair skirt sky smile sneakers socks solo stairs teeth tree underwear white_shirt white_socks wrist_scrunchie x_hair_ornament
 1girl artist_name black_hair black_socks blue_shorts bob_cut brown_eyes collarbone commentary_request cropped_shirt dated full_body highres hood hoodie leona_(ninjala) midriff mochi-iri_kinchaku navel ninjala open_mouth pink_hoodie short_shorts shorts signature smile socks solo tongue tongue_out
 1girl blue_eyes breasts buttons collarbone commentary cowlick dress everyntrge full_body hair_between_eyes high_heels holding holding_microphone idol kneehighs light_blush long_hair looking_at_viewer microphone one_eye_closed open_mouth original paid_reward_available panties pantyshot red_footwear red_ribbon ribbon sidelocks simple_background small_breasts socks solo star-shaped_pupils star_(symbol) symbol-shaped_pupils underwear very_long_hair white_background white_dress white_hair white_panties white_socks
 1girl ass black_panties black_socks blunt_bangs breasts closed_mouth commentary dot_mouth everyntrge grey_skirt kneehighs light_blush long_hair looking_at_viewer median_furrow nipples original paid_reward_available panties red_ribbon ribbon sidelocks simple_background skirt small_breasts socks solo sweatdrop topless underwear white_background yellow_eyes
 1girl blonde_hair breasts cameltoe closed_mouth commentary covered_collarbone covered_erect_nipples elf everyntrge eyepatch green_eyes kneehighs leg_up leotard long_hair looking_down original paid_reward_available pointy_ears sidelocks simple_background small_breasts socks solo white_background white_leotard white_socks

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