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The opposite of topless. Used for images where a character is not wearing any lower-body clothing (ie pants, skirts, etc) or lower-body underwear, but is still wearing some form of upper-body clothing. In the case of a one-piece swimsuit (and similar outfits) it is when the clothing does not cover the crotch.

Restrictions on the use of the bottomless tag:

* If the individual qualifies to be tagged nude, then the character should not be tagged "bottomless".
* If the individual is wearing lower-body external clothing, but is not wearing any underwear, use the no_panties tag instead.
* If the individual is wearing underwear, such as panties, but is not wearing any lower-body external clothing, use the no_pants tag instead. This also applies if the character is wearing a swimsuit underneath their clothes instead of underwear.
* If the character is not wearing any underwear and qualifies for the skirt_lift or dress_lift tags, they should in general be tagged "skirt_lift no_panties" or "dress_lift no_panties" instead of bottomless. See the gray areas section below for more details.
* If the character is wearing underwear, buruma, or a swimsuit and qualifies for panties_aside, buruma_aside, or swimsuit_aside, then they should not be tagged bottomless. This applies to any other similar visual.
* If the character is a mermaid or other type of monster_girl with inhuman parts below the waist that are usually not clothed, do not tag them bottomless.

Gray Areas:

* If the character is not wearing any lower-body clothing and they qualify for the panty_pull tag, if the underwear has been completely lowered below the crotch, it qualifies for the bottomless tag. This applies for any other similar visual, such as buruma_pull, if it would completely expose the crotch region.
* If the individual depicted is not wearing any lower-body clothing, but the upper-body clothing (typically a shirt) is still concealing the crotch without any indications as to whether they're still wearing underwear, then the image may be tagged bottomless in addition to no_pants.
* If a character not wearing underwear and also qualifies for the skirt_lift or dress_lift tags, and the skirt or dress is lifted completely or almost completely to the waist or above, the image may also be tagged bottomless in addition to the appropriate clothing lift tag and no_panties tag.
* If an individual is wearing a maebari, but would otherwise qualify for the bottomless tag, they're considered bottomless. Maebari and similar objects are not considered clothing.


* post #84011: (basic bottomless)
* post #52391: (bottomless one-piece swimsuit)
* post #267386: (no bikini bottom)

Do not use bare_legs if bottomless applies.

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