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One of the main heroes from the Resident_Evil series and debuted in the original game. He is a short haired man who is generally clad in a tactical uniform of some kind. In Resident Evil 5, he is made to be more muscular in appearance in order to show that Chris has been training heavily in preparation for fighting Albert Wesker.

He is a well respected law enforcer and later soldier that is admired by most of the good guys for his moral integrity and courage. Series villain Albert Wesker seems to view him as his greatest threat. He seems to physically be one of the strongest of the non superpowered Resident Evil characters as he is capable of picking people up, lifting and throwing them, and his punches are very powerful. He also cares deeply about his subordinates and his partners and goes out of his way to rescue them.

However, come Resident Evil 6, Chris has fallen on hard times. After he has lost an entire platoon at the hands of 'Ada Wong,' he has fallen into deep depression and become an alcoholic. He is much more temperamental and hostile than he used to be and his desire for vengeance clouds his judgement. His partner for his campaign, Piers Nivans, acts as a voice of reason and attempts to keep him focused on the mission and return him to his former glory.

He is the older brother of Claire Redfield and has a very close relationship with Jill Valentine.

He is a playable fighter in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and sports his Resident Evil 5 look in that game. He will also appear alongside Jill in Project X Zone.

He is also the only main Resident Evil character to be shown smoking, which he did in the unedited version of the first game's intro and in one of the game's endings. However, he has never been seen smoking since then.

He is voiced by Michael Flipowich (Code Veronica), Joe Whyte (Resident evil Remake), Dave Wittenberg (Pachislot), Roger Craig Smith (Resident Evil 5-6), Touchi_Hiroki (JPN Marvel vs Capcom 3), David Vaughn (Resident Evil 7)

In live action, he is played by Charlie (live action cutscenes of Resident Evil 1), Will Lupardus (commercial for Resident Evil 6), and Wentworth Miller (Afterlife)

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