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In the games

A young, nature-loving girl and Unova's eighth Gym_Leader in Pokemon_Black_and_White (White). Her specialty is Dragon-types, and she is Shaga_(pokemon)'s apprentice. Her main Pokémon is Haxorus.

Returns in Pokemon_Black_and_White_2

As the new Champion of the Unova region.

In the anime

In the anime, she is also one of Satoshi_(pokemon)'s current companions. She has a Axew that lives in her hair. Like Kasumi_(pokemon), Iris is frequently critical of Satoshi's actions as a trainer, calling him childish. She aims to be a master of Dragon-type Pokémon, and must evolve her Axew into it's final stage, Haxorus to be considered one. She is also known for being the first naturally dark-skinned main character in the Pokemon series.

Iris' Pokémon


Fraxure, Haxorus



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