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Picture where one or more characters show signs of surprise. Some visual signs of surprise are ^^^ and o_o.

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! !! 1boy 1girl anal andro_gs annoyed anus arm_up armpits artist_logo ass bar_censor beach blue_archive blue_eyes blurry blush breasts censored cleft_of_venus clenched_teeth completely_nude condom condom_on_penis day disembodied_hand disembodied_penis eyebrows eyelashes feet_out_of_frame gun halo hetero heterochromia hoshino_(blue_archive) knee_up leg_grab loli long_hair lying motion_lines navel nipples nose nose_blush nude on_back outdoors penis pink_hair pink_halo pov pov_crotch pov_hands pussy rape rolling_eyes sand scared sex shotgun small_breasts solo_focus surprised teeth torogao trembling twisted_torso very_long_hair weapon yellow_eyes
 2girls black_shirt blue_eyes blue_hair breasts closed_eyes clothes_lift dark_blue_hair eyelashes from_side grabbing grabbing_another's_breast hair_between_eyes heart highres large_breasts long_hair long_skirt multiple_girls omuretsutabero open_mouth original pajamas pink_pajamas pink_shorts pleated_skirt purple_hair shirt shirt_lift shorts sidelocks skirt speech_bubble standing surprised translation_request very_long_hair white_background wide-eyed yuri
 2boys barefoot blue_eyes brown_hair closed_eyes closed_mouth crossdressing highres hug kasukasugom1 kusanagi_naoya looking_at_another maid multiple_boys natsume_kei natsume_kei_(sakura_no_uta) open_mouth sakura_no_uta school_uniform surprised white_hair
 2boys blue_eyes blue_hair brown_hair clothes_grab commentary_request digital_media_player elulit2 from_side gekkoukan_high_school_uniform grey_eyes hair_slicked_back headphones highres imminent_kiss long_sleeves male_focus mochizuki_ryouji mole mole_under_eye multiple_boys persona persona_3 profile scarf school_uniform short_hair surprised suspenders white_background yaoi yellow_scarf yuuki_makoto_(persona_3)
 2boys 2girls absurdres animal_ears asta_(honkai:_star_rail) aventurine_(honkai:_star_rail) black_coat black_gloves black_hat blonde_hair blue_eyes caelus_(honkai:_star_rail) cleavage_cutout clothing_cutout coat commentary_request credit_card dress fur-trimmed_coat fur_trim gem gloves grey_hair half_gloves hat highres holding holding_gem honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_boys multiple_girls open_mouth outline pink_eyes poker_chip red_hair shirt short_hair smile sparkle stelle_(honkai:_star_rail) surprised tamayan_(tmyaaa_tk) tinted_eyewear trailblazer_(honkai:_star_rail) upper_body white_dress white_shirt yellow-tinted_eyewear yellow_eyes
 1boy 2girls aether_(genshin_impact) after_kiss blonde_hair blush brother_and_sister drooling earrings flower french_kiss genshin_impact imminent_kiss incest jewelry kiss kurodahlia18 lumine_(genshin_impact) multiple_girls paimon_(genshin_impact) saliva saliva_trail short_hair_with_long_locks siblings surprised tongue tongue_out twincest twins

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