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Tag type: General

A sinister-looking smile. If the smile shows teeth, it's also an evil_grin.

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 1boy chest_tattoo cu_chulainn_(fate) cu_chulainn_alter_(fate) elbow_gloves evil_smile facial_tattoo fate/grand_order fate_(series) gloves greyscale grin hair_over_shoulder hand_on_own_chest hood ian_olympia long_hair male_focus manly marker_(medium) monochrome muscular muscular_male sharp_teeth signature simple_background smile solo stomach_tattoo tattoo teeth traditional_media upper_body white_background
 2boys arms_at_sides behind_another black_hair close-up evil_smile fangs gakuran hair_between_eyes hanako_(jibaku_shounen_hanako-kun) hands_on_another's_shoulders hands_up hanoyuta highres jibaku_shounen_hanako-kun letterboxed looking_ahead male_focus multiple_boys no_eyes no_headwear official_art open_mouth parted_lips red_background school_uniform siblings smile standing surprised three_quarter_view twins will-o'-the-wisp_(mythology) yugi_tsukasa
 1girl absurdres armor armored_boots axe blood blood_on_face boots cherche_(fire_emblem) commission corruption crossed_legs dark_persona dragon evil_smile fire_emblem fire_emblem_awakening gloves hairband hands_up highres holding holding_axe holding_weapon leather leather_gloves long_hair nintendo parted_lips pink_hair red_eyes shoulder_armor sitting skeb_commission smile teo_(telo_ruka) weapon white_hairband wyvern
 2boys 2girls absurdres android android_16 android_21 black-framed_eyewear black_nails black_pantyhose blue_eyes blue_skin bodysuit breasts clothing_cutout colored_skin commentary demon_boy demon_girl dragon_ball dragon_ball_fighterz dragon_ball_heroes dragon_ball_super dragon_ball_xenoverse dress earrings english_commentary evil_grin evil_smile fangs from_above glasses gold_earrings grin hair_ornament hand_up high_heels highres holding holding_staff hoop_earrings husband_and_wife in-franchise_crossover jewelry lab_coat leg_up long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mira_(dragon_ball) mother_and_son multiple_boys multiple_girls open_hand open_mouth orange_hair pantyhose pointy_ears potara_earrings purple_eyes purple_lips red_eyes red_nails scientist shaded_face short_hair signature smile somegfguy staff teeth towa_(dragon_ball) trait_connection underboob underboob_cutout white_hair
 1boy beard boogeyman_(housamo) brown_eyebrows brown_eyes brown_hair door evil_smile eyeshadow facial_hair highres makeup male_focus mustache open_mouth scar scarf smile stitches suruto_mynhr teeth thick_eyebrows tokyo_houkago_summoners wooden_door
 1girl blue_hair blush breasts earrings english_text evil_smile fellatrix female_focus fingernails hair_ornament heart heart_hands jewelry long_fingernails long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts nude original pillow red_eyes sex_toy smile urethral_beads valentina_(fellatrix)

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