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Pupils that are "non-circular" that appear to be stretched vertically or horizontally.

These style of eyes are commonly seen with animals like felines, foxes, goats, lizards, snakes, and cephalopods. And fantasy creatures such as dragons, vampires or demon and monster characters. etc

Note: Tsurime eyes sometimes have large irises with a pupil appearing slit, but this isn't sufficient to be actual "slit pupils". This is also distinct from |_|.

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 1boy absurdres ainimo5 apple black_jacket blue_background card crowley_(good_omens) eyelashes fang food fruit good_omens highres holding holding_food holding_fruit jacket long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lower_teeth_only male_focus open_mouth playing_card red_apple red_hair sidelocks slit_pupils solo teeth tongue yellow_eyes
 1girl artist_request bare_legs barefoot black_hair blunt_bangs bolt_(hardware) book cel_shading chain closed_mouth cloud coat colored_sclera crash_fever fire full_body full_moon game_cg grass holding holding_book hood hooded_coat large_tail light_particles long_hair long_sidelocks long_sleeves mechanical_ears mechanical_tail moon night night_sky number_print numbered official_art outdoors outline polearm red_coat red_eyes red_hood red_outline red_petals red_sleeves sidelocks sky sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists slit_pupils soles solo spear square square_print straight_hair tachi-e tail teeth third-party_source toes transparent_background very_long_hair walker_(crash_fever) weapon yellow_moon yellow_sclera
 :q alternate_costume animal_collar animal_ear_fluff animal_ears ankle_boots aqua_ribbon arm_up armpits artist_request bare_shoulders black_cat black_hat black_tail black_thighhighs blue_bow blush boots bow breasts broom broom_riding button_eyes buttons candy cat cel_shading choker closed_eyes closed_mouth collar crash_fever crescent_moon cupcake detached_sleeves dress dress_bow eyelashes fake_animal_ears fence fish_bone floating floating_object food frilled_hat frills full_body game_cg ghost green_eyes hair_bow hair_intakes hairband halloween hat hat_ribbon hexagon holding holding_broom honeycomb_(pattern) house large_breasts layered_sleeves leg_up light_particles lollipop long_hair milankovitch_(crash_fever) moon number_print numbered official_alternate_costume official_art open_mouth outdoors outline pink_bow pink_eyes pink_hair pink_ribbon pinstripe_ribbon pointed_footwear polka_dot polka_dot_ribbon rabbit_ears red_bow red_outline ribbon ribbon_choker shirt shirt_bow sidelocks slit_pupils solo_focus spaghetti_strap sparkle sprinkles square square_print star_(symbol) star_ornament star_print tachi-e teeth thighhighs third-party_source tongue tongue_out transparent_background two-sided_fabric two-sided_headwear two-tone_hairband underbust upper_teeth_only very_long_hair whiskers white_collar white_dress white_footwear white_hair white_shirt white_sleeves white_stripes witch witch_hat wrapped_candy
!? aged_down black_hair from_behind green_eyes hands_on_another's_face japanese_clothes japanese_text kimono kiss kiss_on_nose kutuyatti long_hair manda_(naruto) motion_lines multiple_boys naruto_(series) nervous_sweating orochimaru_(naruto) pale_skin scales sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists slit_pupils snake standing_on_tiptoe surprise_kiss surprised sweat sweatdrop translated
 1girl ass ass_focus bent_over black_dress black_hair black_pantyhose breasts chain commentary cowboy_shot dress ellen_joe fins fish_tail frilled_dress frills hand_on_own_hip looking_at_viewer looking_back maid mole mole_under_eye open_mouth panties panties_under_pantyhose pantyhose puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes shark_girl shark_tail sharp_teeth short_hair short_sleeves simple_background slit_pupils solo symbol-only_commentary tail teeth underwear upskirt utopia white_background zenless_zone_zero
 1boy alternate_costume animal_ear_fluff animal_ears brown_hair candy_apple eyes_visible_through_hair finger_to_mouth fireworks food fox_boy fox_ears fox_mask hair_between_eyes holding holding_food isoi_haruki japanese_clothes kemonomimi_mode kimono long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus mask mask_on_head night outdoors red_eyes saibou_shinkyoku short_hair slit_pupils solo torii tsumi2112 white_kimono wide_sleeves

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