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1いい肉の日 ([i]ii niku no hi[/i]) A [[date_pun]] that occurs on November 29th, or 11/29, as the 11 looks like イイ, the Katakana spelling of いい ([i]ii[/i]), which means "good, nice, pleasant", and 29 contains the digits 2-9, or as said in Japanese, "ni-ku", the word for "meat" (spelled [i]niku[/i], hiragana: にく, katakana: ニク or kanji: 肉). It generally serves the same purpose as [[meat_day]], but on a grander scale, where pictures of voluptuous ([[curvy]]), [[plump]], [[fat]], and [[obese]] girls start appearing in larger quantities. [b]See also:[/b] [[meat_day]] [[date_pun]] From
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